Noblesse Noir

I found this bag of cookies at CostPlus World Market.

Inside the bag were four different types of “biscuits and wafers”, each one coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. The label said it was 50% cacao, but the layer was so thin I really couldn’t tell. It was almost painted on. I shared the bag with my co-workers, and they generally seemed to like them, but there was no love lost here. I think I will skip these in the future.


Bahlsen Choco Leibniz

I found these cookies on the free give-away counter at work, so I helped myself to one.

These were really good. Each one was a rich butter biscuit covered in dark chocolate on top. I have had their hazelnut praline wafers and their rolled wafers, but I liked these better. They tasted much more chocolatey than those others. And the name made me laugh. Given that Leibniz invented calculus independently of Isaac Newton, I wonder if the name is a joke on Fig Newton cookies. I love me a good science cookie joke!

Lindt Smooth Blend 70% Mild Dark Chocolate Bar

I got this unusual Lindt bar after I ate breakfast at the Lindt cafe in downtown Sydney.

I have had a 70% cacao Lindt bar before, but not a “smooth blend” one. And while I am not entirely sure how different this one was, I can say that it tasted smooth and creamy and was quite delicious. Of course, that’s what I thought of the regular 70% bar too. So let’s just say I liked them both!

Lufthansa Milk Chocolate Tablet

I attended a conference in Croatia last week, and on the return flight, I was given this milk chocolate tablet before we landed in Dulles.

It was a small bar, only 10 grams, but it was quite good. I checked the label, and it was made in Germany and, despite being milk chocolate, it contained 30% cacao. That is three times the cacao in a Hershey bar. Go Lufthansa!

p.s. While I was at the conference, I won a Lifetime Achievement award for my work in the video game industry. This is the first industry award I have ever received!

p.p.s. Expect to see some Croatian chocolate reviews on here soon!

good & delish Royal Orange Chocolate

My co-worker Dini M. brought in another German chocolate bar of the new brand.


This bar was surprisingly good! I say surprising because first, it was only 57% cacao, but it tasted much darker, almost as dark as their 70% cacao bar. And second, I am not usually a fan of orange pieces in my chocolate, but these were tasty and very orange flavored. So imagine my outrage when I checked the ingredient list and found there are no orange pieces in this bar! They are apple bits flavored with orange juice! What sorcery is this?! I tasted orange pieces! Grrr!!!! At least the almond bits were real.

My co-workers expressed surprise and outrage too, but we ate the bar in record time. Oh well. It really was good.

Thanks Dini!


This little tidbit showed up on my desk at work one day.


It turned out to be a chocolate-flavored caramel coated with dark chocolate, kind of like a very high quality Milk Dud. I thought it was delicious, although the caramel threatened to pull a filling out of a tooth. It’s very chewy!

Thanks, anonymous person!