Hotel Chocolat Milk Ghana 55%

I finally ate the last of the two boxed sets of chocolate bars that my co-worker Michael K. gave me.

While this was a good milk chocolate bar (very chocolatey), I didn’t taste any singular notes, especially not any bread-like ones. And surprisingly, my co-workers were put off by having another milk chocolate bar at the chocolate eating meeting. I have turned them into chocolate snobs! And I have never been more proud.

Thanks Michael!


Hotel Chocolat Dark Ghana 85%

My co-worker Michael K. went on a trip to the United Kingdom and picked up this box of chocolate for me while in London.

While I have had Hotel Chocolat chocolate once before, I have never tried their dark chocolate bars. This box contained four of them, each from a different country.

I decided I wanted to try the 85% cacao bar from Ghana first.

Wow, this bar was delicious! Very dark and rich, the chocolate had a deep roasted flavor that was quite prominent. The label said it should have a warm sourdough flavor, but I couldn’t taste that, and neither could my co-workers. But everyone loved this bar, and several people asked for seconds.

Thanks Michael!

Pierra Marcolini Saveurs Du Monde

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this box of eight single-origin chocolate tablets.


I have had Marcolini chocolate before, both as tablets and a single-origin bar, but never single-origin tablets.Inside, the tablets were marked by country, including one from Cuba, my first ever Cuban chocolate.


Robert and I split each tablet, and they were great! The ones from Madagascar and Ghana were the most chocolatey, with Peru and Brazil being less so, and Cuba and Ecuador were somewhat grainy, as if they had been conched less than the others. I am not sure where the Pierre Marcolini chocolates were from, but they didn’t have any single origin notes to them. All of the tablets were very good though.

Thanks Dini!

Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Bar

I bought this bar in Sydney, at the same grocery store where I bought the Old Gold bar.


This bar was HUGE! At 200 grams, it was almost half a pound of pure dark chocolate, like the Old Gold bar, and cheap like that bar too. I really like how dark and yummy it looked.


It was made in New Zealand out of beans grown in Ghana, and while I could not taste any singular notes in this bar, it was still pretty good, and for the price, it was probably the cheapest bar I bought in Sydney by the gram. I let people take seconds and thirds at work, and I still had a quarter of the bar to take home!

Alas, this was my last bar of chocolate from Sydney. I really would like to go back, armed with the past few weeks of taste tests. I would probably buy some more Josophan’s and Haigh bars, and then a whole bunch of Old Golds. You are so lucky Down Under to have those chocolates, you hear me?

Tcho Ghana Dark Chocolate

I found this Tcho bar at CostPlus. I haven’t had a Tcho bar since the variety pack that my friend Lucy sent me last year, and those were very good!


This bar was delicious! It tasted MUCH darker than 70% cacao, more like and 80 or 85% bar. And it was very fudgey tasting, in that it had a chewy chocolatey flavor that I associate with brownies or fudge. Despite being single origin, I didn’t really taste any high notes in it. But I loved it, and so did my co-workers. Like the movie, it was gone in 60 seconds.

Royce Pure Chocolate

My friend Tiff C. came over for lunch last Sunday and brought this box of Royce goodness.

choc01048aThe box contained little individually-wrapped tablets of single origin chocolate from Ghana and Venezuela. The tablets looked like this.

choc01048bTrue to their names, Ghana was very sweet and smooth, while Venezuela was darker and less sweet, with an astringent aftertaste. I loved them both (of course, it’s Royce!), but I think I liked the Venezuela tablets a little more. They seemed richer tasting, and the chocolate flavor was more pronounced.

Thanks Tiff!