Blue Bottle Chocolate

My co-worker Dan H. let me try some of this chocolate he got from Blue Bottle Coffee.

This chocolate was very good, being nice and dark and not too sweet. The bar was made with chocolate from Ghana, Madagascar, Ecuador and Peru, so while it was not single origin, it had the hint of some special notes to it, which my palate interpreted as vaguely floral.

The bar is supposedly good to eat while drinking coffee, and it turns out this chocolate was made for Blue Bottle by Tcho. I have had several chocolates from that brand, including some made to pair with wine. I wonder if chocolate pairing is the “new thing”? If so, I predict chocolate and fruit pairings, or chocolate and beer. You heard it here first, folks.

Thanks Dan!


Green & Black’s 70% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Brian H. brought me this bar.

I thought I had had their 70% cacao dark chocolate bar, but this one was single origin, from Ghana. While it had a good chocolate flavor, it lacked any single origin notes, and like its sibling bar, it was a little dry, even though there was no evidence of bloom. I think these bars just run dry.

Thanks Brian!

Tcho Chocolate + Wine Pairing Party-In-A-Box

My sister-in-law gave me this box of Tcho chocolate tablets for Christmas. It was meant for pairing with wine, but I took it to work and shared it at a chocolate eating meeting.

Inside were six different Tcho chocolate tablets, in stacks of five each, along with some wine pairing pamphlets and a booklet.

The booklet explained what each chocolate was. I had had the Ecuador tablet and Ghana tablet before, individually. The other four I had had in a box of Tcho chocolates from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Bay Area.

All of these Tcho tablets were very good, Needless to say, I liked the Ghana dark chocolate the best, for its extra fudgy notes, but the Ecuador and Madagascar tablets were very close runners up. Then the Peru tablet was third, followed by the two dark milk tablets. Based on the order the extra tablets were eaten by my co-workers, they agreed with me (although Madagascar slightly edged out Ecuador).

Hotel Chocolat Milk Ghana 55%

I finally ate the last of the two boxed sets of chocolate bars that my co-worker Michael K. gave me.

While this was a good milk chocolate bar (very chocolatey), I didn’t taste any singular notes, especially not any bread-like ones. And surprisingly, my co-workers were put off by having another milk chocolate bar at the chocolate eating meeting. I have turned them into chocolate snobs! And I have never been more proud.

Thanks Michael!

Hotel Chocolat Dark Ghana 85%

My co-worker Michael K. went on a trip to the United Kingdom and picked up this box of chocolate for me while in London.

While I have had Hotel Chocolat chocolate once before, I have never tried their dark chocolate bars. This box contained four of them, each from a different country.

I decided I wanted to try the 85% cacao bar from Ghana first.

Wow, this bar was delicious! Very dark and rich, the chocolate had a deep roasted flavor that was quite prominent. The label said it should have a warm sourdough flavor, but I couldn’t taste that, and neither could my co-workers. But everyone loved this bar, and several people asked for seconds.

Thanks Michael!