World Market Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Covered Rolled Wafers

I found these wafer cookies at CostPlus World Market.


These were very good! Each one was quite big but very light, being a thin wafer wrapped around whipped hazelnut creme. The whole cookie was dipped in a thin layer of dark chocolate that reminded several of my co-workers of Ding Dongs. I liked them anyway, and they were way better than Stikko wafers.


My first Greek chocolate

The year 2004 was a year of firsts. My first Lindt bar, my first trip to Vegas, and now, my first Greek chocolate bar.

My friend Katarina from Miami sent me this bar when she visited her family in Greece. It was delicious. The center was halva, which is tahini (sesame paste) that is crumbly and sweet from added sugar, which is then covered in milk chocolate and crushed almonds. I really liked it, and I wondered what a dark chocolate version would taste like.