Amedei Grenada

The next Amedei sample was from Grenada.


This chocolate was 70% cacao like the others, but it tasted much richer and darker for some reason, like it was an 80% bar. I think this was my favorite of the bunch.


Chocolove Grenada

I found this Chocolove bar at my local candy store (which is called Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, since I should give them a shout-out for all the good chocolate they have).


This was a really good chocolate bar. Surprisingly good, really. I know I keep saying that this brand is so-so, but then I keep posting good bars from them, but trust me, some yucky chocolate is coming up.

But THIS bar is great. Maybe it was the single-origin beans from Grenada (this was my second bar from there, here’s my first), or maybe it was the 60% cacao, but this bar was deeply flavored with a very earthy chocolate taste. I liked it a lot, but as a limited production bar, it disappeared in a few months, never to be seen again.

My first chocolate from Grenada

A friend of mine (the very handsome and generous Connor) was visiting the island of Grenada and sent me this chocolate bar.

This was my first chocolate from Grenada, and it was very good. It tasted far darker than its 60% cacao would have implied, and there was a fruity aftertaste when you were chewing it. I ate some of it, and I baked with the rest.

I loved the wrapper too. It looks like it arrived here out of the 1970’s. And it must be very colorful if I can see the colors! It must look crazy bright to people who are not color blind.