Indi Haiti Chocolate

I tried the Haiti bar from Indi next.

My apologies for the photo. We ate the bar and then I remembered I needed a photo, so I took the picture on a black desk. The bar itself looked exactly like the Vietnam bar or any other Indi bar. And like the Vietnam bar, this one was also made from cacao beans from a small province in Haiti and not the whole country itself. In this case, the beans were from Petit Bourg De Borgnes, a small area in northern Haiti.

This was my second chocolate bar from Haiti. My first one had no singular notes, but this one certainly did! It tasted astringent and nutty, reminiscent of a walnut. It took five co-workers to figure out what it tasted like (one person said it tasted like “peanut skin”), but the taste was quite strong. I liked it and so did my co-workers. I wish these Indi bars were bigger!


Nathan Miller Dark Mint Bar

I found this bar at a grocery story in Seattle. BTW, they have great chocolate all over that city, in grocery stores, coffee shops and specialty food stores. It pays to look around a little.

This bar was very good. It was nicely dark at 70% cacao and nicely minty. Not overpowering so you couldn’t taste the chocolate, but still quite minty. And it was crunchy too, with cacao nibs all throughout it, which helped make the bat taste even darker and richer. My co-workers liked it, and most of them had seconds.

The back label said this chocolate was from the island of Hispaniola, which contains only two countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I don’t know which country this bar was from, so I just marked both of them. Maybe it has beans from both.

Artisan Du Chocolat Haiti

My co-worker Troy H. brought me another chocolate bar from his trip to Brighton.


This chocolate was ok. I think I expect more bright notes from single-origin chocolate, but this chocolate had none. In fact, I would have thought it was a blend of chocolate cacao and not single origin cacao at all. I cannot find the bar on their website, but according to Amazon, it’s single origin.

However, this is my first ever chocolate bar from Haiti. I have had a lot of chocolate from the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. But it would appear that cacao from Haiti is more rare to find, so I was happy to try this bar.