Nói Síríus Traditional Icelandic Chocolate 70%

My publisher’s creative director Allen M. brought another Icelandic bar too.

I decided to open this one at the same time as their 56% cacao bar, so we could compare them. And wow, was this bar richer, deeper, less sweet, and way more chocolatey! I really liked this bar, and I shared it with the publisher folks and my chocolate eating meeting regulars too. Some of them preferred the 56% bar, but most of them liked the 70% better. I feel like my years of teaching deep cacao flavor is finally paying off!

Thanks Allen!


Nói Síríus Traditional Icelandic Chocolate 56%

We had another visit from our publisher, and their creative director Allen M. gave me this chocolate from Iceland.

It turns out that I have had this bar before, from my friend Kurt, in a different package. Still, I wanted to see how this double bar package tasted, and it was very good. A little sweeter than I remembered, but still nice and chocolatey. I shared it with everyone at the meeting, and since there was still a whole bar left, I shared it with my chocolate eating meeting regulars too. Everyone really liked it.

Thanks Allen!

Nói Síríus Traditional Icelandic Milk Chocolate With Almond Nougat

My co-worker Olivia V. gave me this bar from a trip she took to Iceland.


I have had Icelandic chocolate before (in fact, this brand), but that was dark chocolate and this was milk chocolate. I liked it, and the chocolate flavor was deeper than I expected for 33% cacao, but the almond nougat was more like almond toffee. It was very tiny bits scattered throughout the bar, and they stuck to my teeth something fierce. I had two pieces and then I had to stop to clean my teeth. My co-workers had sticky teeth issues as well, but they liked it the bar too.

Thanks Olivia!

Nói Síríus Traditional Icelandic Chocolate

My friend Kurt D. gave me some chocolate from Iceland!


This is my first ever chocolate from Iceland! I checked the brand Nói Síríus and found their Wikipedia page. I learned that chocolate is a “mainstay of Icelandic culture” and that “eating a chocolate bar at 9 a.m. is culturally acceptable”. I think I would like Iceland!

The chocolates themselves were individually wrapped tablets of 55% cacao dark chocolate. The wrapper was beautiful!


The chocolate was quite delicious! It was very fudgey and smooth with a nice snap, and it was not nearly as sweet as I expected. I would love to try even darker Icelandic chocolate!

Thanks Kurt!