Dolcetto Petites Chocolate Wafer Bites

My co-worker Alfonso G. brought these in to the office.


These were really good! They were little wafer rolls, about an inch long, filled with a yummy chocolate filling. As a snack, two or three were perfect to satisfy a chocolate craving. And like Stikko wafers, these were from Indonesia, so this is my second entry from that country!



Robert and I found these rolled wafer cookies at a Smart & Final over the holiday break.


While I have had wafer cookies like these before, how could I pass up something called Stikko? Besides, this would be my first chocolate entry from the country of Indonesia!

The canister was really big and packed tight with the wafer rolls, so tight that when you open it up, you cannot pull any out. So there are a couple of rolls in a plastic sheath that you can pull out, loosening the rest of them so they can be pulled out too.



As for the wafer cookies themselves, they were good. Not as amazing the Qbel Deep Dark Wafer rolls, but still good, and these are way cheaper and you get so many more. I shared these with many of my co-workers, and there were still a lot left over. I will make sure they get a good home…my tummy!