Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Caramels

I found this box of caramels at Trader Joe’s, and the beautiful box art alone was enough to make me buy them (although being dark chocolate, they would have been purchased anyway).

Inside, there were seven caramels, an odd number for sharing.

I ended up cutting them in half, so co-workers could try them, and that was a mistake. The caramel is very soft but the chocolate shell was not, and the caramel squished out as I cut them. They looked like a mess. Still, my co-workers and I forged ahead and ate them, and you know what? They were quite yummy. They were chocolatey and caramely and very salty, but there was almost no vinegar taste. Maybe a slight tang, but I could have imagined it. If I hadn’t seen the box, I wouldn’t have said there was any vinegar in these at all.

All in all, these were good but not great.

Cadbury Crunchie Rocks

My friends Terry and Andrew gave me this bag of chocolate at Provincetown.


The bag contained little nickel-size balls of milk chocolate, around 14% cacao, filled with cornflakes and honeycomb bits. And I thought these were delicious! Yes, despite the low cacao, I really loved these, and I ate four or five of them before I made myself stop. They were crunchy with a sweet and salty taste, but I could still taste the chocolate too. My co-workers liked them as well, and many of them had seconds or thirds. These really are a yummy candy.

Thanks Terry and Andrew!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Smashables Jelly Popping Candy

My friends Terry and Andrew gave me another Cadbury Smashables bar.


Like the rocky road bar, this one contained lots of stuff embedded in an oversize milk chocolate bar.  This bar had fruit jellies, little M&M-like pellets, and popping candy. It was not quite as popular as the last bar, since the fruit jellies tended to attach themselves to your teeth with a tenacious grip (I had to pull one out of my mouth, worrying that it would take a filling with it), but the popping candy was fun, and the bar disappeared pretty quickly.

Thanks Terry and Andrew!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Smashables Rocky Mallow Road

I received this bar as a gift from Terry and Andrew, two of the friends from the UK that we shared a house with in Provincetown.


This bar contained marshmallows, strawberry jelly candies and shortcake biscuit pieces, all crumbled and spread throughout a big 180g milk chocolate bar. There were even directions on the back label on how to “smash” the bar.


I shared this bar at work, and wow, was there a lot of it! My co-workers had seconds and took some back to their offices, and I still had three pieces myself. So I can say that, like the Cadbury bar that they gave me last time in Provincetown, this one was a hit too. At 20% cacao, it had a good chocolate flavor, even if the other goodies in it tended to make it a bit sweet.

Thanks Terry and Andrew!

Irish whiskey truffle

My friend Scotty visited Ireland with his aunt and brought me back this bar.

Ug, this bar was awful. The chocolate was dry and mealy, and if the label hadn’t said it was dark chocolate, I would have guess it was milk chocolate from its color. And the whiskey flavor just came across as a kind of sour aftertaste. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours. Blech!