Elite Bittersweet Chocolate

I found this bar on the kosher aisle of my local grocery store.


This bar was good, but it was bit too sweet for my tastes. I was surprised that it was as sweet as it was for a 40% cacao bar. I was also surprised there was a cow on the cover, because there was no milk in this bar. And I while I have had Israeli chocolate before, the last ones I had were 20 years ago! It was high time for another!


Osem Dark Chocolate Coated Matzah


These were really good. The matzah cracker was flavorless, but the chocolate was thickly coated on top of the matzah, and it was very rich tasting. They reminded me of chocolate-covered graham crackers, only not as sweet. I liked them! Thanks Dan!

Israeli chocolate

A friend of Larry’s took a trip to Israel at the end of 1994, and he brought back two chocolate bars. The first one I didn’t care for. It was very generic dark chocolate, with a bland flavor profile.

The second one was much better. It was a little dry, but much more tasty than the first one.

This ends the bars from 1994. I was only adding a dozen or so labels a year at first, but this would accelerate in the coming years, especially when I started having “chocolate eating meetings” at work.