Caffarel Gianduia 1865

My co-worker Dini M. brought this bar in for a chocolate eating meeting.

This bar was DELICIOUS! It was divided into eight squares, and each one was a dark chocolate hazelnut mixture, not so hard that it snapped when you broke it in two, but not so soft that it bent when being held. Each square was just a super creamy (and yes, it was dark chocolate), super chocolatey, super hazelnuty experience. This chocolate bar was one of the best I have had this year!

Thanks Dini!


Vanini 86% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought this bar in for a chocolate eating meeting.

This bar was my first Vanini bar without any additional flavorings. It was very dark and rich tasting, if a bit dry. And there wasn’t a hint of bitterness or astringency in it. It was just pure dark chocolate.

Thanks Charlie!

Venchi Buono Buonissimo

My co-worker Nicole E. went to London for vacation and returned with this bar.

This Italian dark chocolate bar was very big (at 3.5 ounces) and very dark (at 75% cacao). It was also one the smoothest and least bitter dark chocolate bars I have ever tasted. The flavor was very good too, but at such a high percentage of cacao, I expected a little bit of astringency or bitterness, and there was none. It was smooth and mellow. A very nice bar!

Thanks Nicole!

Loacker Dark-Noir

I found this bar at my grocery store.

I have had this bar before, in mini-form, from my friend Erik E. I thought it was delicious then, and I found the big bar equally yummy. It is a block that breaks into six pieces, each of which I cut in half to share with co-workers. Each piece is a wafer covered in chocolate filling and then covered in 60% cacao dark chocolate. YUM! I could have eaten the whole bar, and since I can get it at my grocery store now, I probably will.

What do I mean, probably? Definitely!

Vanini Dark Chocolate 62% With Pear And Cinnamon

My co-worker Charlie S. gave me this bar, which he found in a local grocery store.

The inside label had a description of where this Italian company buys its chocolate.

I have had a couple of Vanini bars before, one with cacao nibs and the other with rosemary, and I liked them both. This bar was no exception. I liked the chocolate flavor paired with pear bits and natural pear flavor, with just a hint of cinnamon. Many of my co-workers thought it tasted like bananas (except one guy who thought he tasted rum), and I agree that there was a banana-like aftertaste, but it could have just been the pear flavor. All I know is that this was a really good bar, and so far Vanini is three for three.

Thanks Charlie.

Ferrero Rocher

My friend Tiff C. gave me a huge box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates!


Let’s look more closely at these beauties.


Each one is a whole hazelnut surrounded by Nutella, wrapped in a spherical wafer (how do they do that?) and covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut bits. I have had the dark chocolate version, called Ferrero Rondnoir, but I’ve never blogged the original ones. And they are good too. Really good. Like seriously addictive. I ate three in a row and made myself stop. I am taking the rest to work.

Thanks Tiffany!

Vannucci Pasta Di Cacao Senza Zuccheri 100%

I found this bar in a small Italian grocery store in Palm Springs.


Unfortunately, the bar had bloomed a little. I took great care of it in the Palm Springs heat, and the the truffles I got from Palm Springs Fudge And Chocolate had not bloomed, so I blame the store for improper storage. In any case, wow, was it astringent! It wasn’t nearly as bitter as I expected. In fact, it was quite smooth, with a deep chocolate flavor. But it sucked every last drop of water from my mouth as I chewed it. Most of my co-workers didn’t have seconds, and it was all I could do to eat three pieces. Then I drank a lot of water.