Amedei Jamaica

This was another sample Amedei chocolate I received.


This was a 70% dark chocolate like yesterday’s sample, but it was much sweeter, with no rich roasted aftertaste. It’s amazing that two bars made with separately sourced beans can taste so different, but these samples are proof of that.


Rum Fudge

My coworker Doug K. brought this fudge back from Jamaica, where he went for his honeymoon in November 2010.


I had high hopes for this fudge, since my first chocolate from Jamaica was amazing. But this fudge was horrible! Terrible flavor, awful texture and barely any chocolate flavor at all. It tasted like sawdust and sadness, compressed into a block. Even with half a dozen tasters at my chocolate eating meeting, there was a lot leftover. I put it in the kitchen, where it slowly disappeared over the course of the afternoon, leaving a host of disappointed people around the office.

We had joked that this fudge was endorsed by Miss Cleo, seen in the upper right of the label. But I think Dwayne Milan was right, Miss Cleo doesn’t really know…about fudge.

And on that somewhat sad note, this label was the end of “Chocolate I Have Known”, Volume 3. That volume was filled in less than a year, thanks to dozens of chocolate eating meetings at work. Tomorrow, I will start posting from Volume 4, which was filled in only six months!

My first Jamaican chocolate

During July of 2007, my friend Erik visited me from San Francisco, and he brought a gift box of chocolates in advance of my birthday, which was the next month. The first bar I ate from this box was a limited edition Scharffenberger.

This bar was delicious! It had a rough texture because it contained cracked cacao nibs, and the chocolate itself had an interesting fruity aftertaste, almost like it contained berries of some kind. Even though the label didn’t say it was single origin chocolate, I looked it up and found that it was made solely with cacao from Jamaica, which makes it my first bar ever from that country. And it’s a Scharffenberger!