Melanie Dark Chocolate With Raisins And Peanuts

My co-worker Roby A. gave me another bar from Latvia.


This bar was OK. The chocolate was just middling, with no real deep taste or dark roasted flavor. I didn’t get any raisins in the two pieces I ate (which is good because I hate chocolate and raisins), but I did get some peanuts. It didn’t make the bar much better.


Melanie Dark Chocolate With Hazelnuts

My co-worker Roby A. brought in another bar for us to try, and this bar made in Latvia. This is my first bar ever from that country!


Yum, this bar was very good! It tasted much darker than 59% cacao (what an odd percentage), and the hazelnuts were whole and nicely roasted and crunchy. Several people asked for seconds, so you know it was good. I hope all chocolate from Latvia is this tasty!

Thanks again, Roby!