Taitau 99% Extra Dark Chocolate

We had a company picnic last weekend, and my co-worker Sydney surprised everyone with some chocolate bars for an impromptu chocolate eating meeting. This was the first one we tried.

This bar was surprisingly smooth and sweet for a 99% cacao bar. Like their 72% cacao bar, the chocolate flavor was deep and rich, and it was even more pronounced in this bar. People were concerned at first when they heard the percentage number, but almost everyone who tried it liked it.

Thanks Sydney!


Pergale Dark Chocolate With Fruit Assorti Pieces

My co-worker Sydney W. brought in another Lithuanian bar from the Pergale brand.

I thought this bar would be like their mango bar, with a fruity filling, but it was more like their gooseberry bar, with freeze-dried fruit pieces throughout the bar. In this case, there was freeze-dried raspberry, orange, pineapple and strawberry, so it was like a fruit salad bar. The chocolate itself was decent, probably about 50% cacao or so. I liked it a lot, and so did my other co-workers.

Thanks Sydney!

Pergale Dark Chocolate With Mango Filling

My co-worker Sydney W. brought in another Lithuanian chocolate bar.

This bar was quite good. Like their gooseberry bar, the chocolate was good but somewhat sweet, and the mango filling added to that sweetness, making the whole bar quite sweet. The mango flavor was present but very faint, and one co-worker thought it was pineapple instead. The bar was a crowd favorite though, and everyone wanted seconds.

Thanks Sydney!

Pergale Dark Chocolate With Cape Gooseberries Pieces

My co-worker Sydney W. bought this Lithuanian chocolate bar from a local import store.

This bar was very good. The chocolate was dark-looking but somewhat sweet, so I would guess it was around 70% cacao. The gooseberry pieces were numerous and a little bitter, like a raspberry,. which went nicely with the dark chocolate. I have never tasted a real gooseberry before, but one of my co-workers had, and he said they were quite realistically flavored in this bar.

Thanks Sydney!

Mulate Peanut Dark Milk Chocolate

Today I ate the last Mulate chocolate bar from my friend William H.


What an odd bar. The combination of peanut butter, cocoa butter and real butter made the chocolate feel…greasy. The taste was good, with the 45% cacao milk chocolate making the bar taste like a high-end Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but when you swallowed it, it sort of…slid…down your throat. I found it a little disconcerting.

Still, I will miss these crazy labels with the insane front panel drawings and the weird story on the back. But now I have tasted several chocolate bars from Lithuania, and I have my friend Will to thank for that. Thanks Will!

Mulate Tahini Dark Milk Chocolate

I tried another Mulate bar from my friend William H.


This was an interesting bar. It was quite light in color, but it was 45% cacao and very rich tasting. It contained sesame seeds, both ground up in the chocolate and in whole seeds. I liked it, but the seeds did tend to get stuck in my teeth. I shared it with my co-workers and heard some very strange responses.

Matt P. said “it tastes like peanut, but with less pea and more nut”.

Connor R. said “this chocolate makes me do things, and I don’t like doing things” as he tried to get the seeds out of his teeth.

Roby A. said “it’s like Harry Potter and Voldemort had a battle in my mouth and now they are done and I have no thoughts in my head”.

So there you have it folks, the Mulate Tahini bar. I liked it, and my co-workers, well, they have spoken their minds about it.

Mulate Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

My friend William H. sent me this bar from a store in Alameda, California.


What a crazy label! I see butterflies, and salt crystals, and something that looks like a snout with two legs dangling from it. Maybe the back of the label will clear things up,


Nope, just some weird story about MULATE, the island of the cacoa Gods. OK…let’s move on the chocolate itself.

Oh my god, this bar was fantastic! It was very dark and very smooth and the flavor was so deep, I would have guessed it was far darker than 70% cacao. I checked the ingredients and I think I see their secret. They add butter to the bar! That probably deepens the flavor, and it certainly makes the bar silky smooth and melt in your mouth. I always approve of butter and chocolate together.

What’s more, this is my first bar from the country of Lithuania! How have I missed this country? Thank you so much, William, for this and the other two Mulate bars, which I look forward to reviewing soon!