Blue Bottle Chocolate

My co-worker Dan H. let me try some of this chocolate he got from Blue Bottle Coffee.

This chocolate was very good, being nice and dark and not too sweet. The bar was made with chocolate from Ghana, Madagascar, Ecuador and Peru, so while it was not single origin, it had the hint of some special notes to it, which my palate interpreted as vaguely floral.

The bar is supposedly good to eat while drinking coffee, and it turns out this chocolate was made for Blue Bottle by Tcho. I have had several chocolates from that brand, including some made to pair with wine. I wonder if chocolate pairing is the “new thing”? If so, I predict chocolate and fruit pairings, or chocolate and beer. You heard it here first, folks.

Thanks Dan!


Tcho Chocolate + Wine Pairing Party-In-A-Box

My sister-in-law gave me this box of Tcho chocolate tablets for Christmas. It was meant for pairing with wine, but I took it to work and shared it at a chocolate eating meeting.

Inside were six different Tcho chocolate tablets, in stacks of five each, along with some wine pairing pamphlets and a booklet.

The booklet explained what each chocolate was. I had had the Ecuador tablet and Ghana tablet before, individually. The other four I had had in a box of Tcho chocolates from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Bay Area.

All of these Tcho tablets were very good, Needless to say, I liked the Ghana dark chocolate the best, for its extra fudgy notes, but the Ecuador and Madagascar tablets were very close runners up. Then the Peru tablet was third, followed by the two dark milk tablets. Based on the order the extra tablets were eaten by my co-workers, they agreed with me (although Madagascar slightly edged out Ecuador).

Lindt Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

I got this bar at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

This is the first (and only, I think) single origin bar from Lindt. All of the beans are sourced from Madagascar, so I expected an earthy taste. Instead, the bar was sweeter than I expected from a 70% cacao bar, with a slightly fruity, berry-like aftertaste. My co-workers agreed on the aftertaste, so I was not imagining it. Still, it was quite good and very creamy for such a dark bar, and it disappeared quickly. Here’s to hoping that Lindt explores other countries with new single origin bars!

Pierra Marcolini Saveurs Du Monde

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this box of eight single-origin chocolate tablets.


I have had Marcolini chocolate before, both as tablets and a single-origin bar, but never single-origin tablets.Inside, the tablets were marked by country, including one from Cuba, my first ever Cuban chocolate.


Robert and I split each tablet, and they were great! The ones from Madagascar and Ghana were the most chocolatey, with Peru and Brazil being less so, and Cuba and Ecuador were somewhat grainy, as if they had been conched less than the others. I am not sure where the Pierre Marcolini chocolates were from, but they didn’t have any single origin notes to them. All of the tablets were very good though.

Thanks Dini!

Madécasse Madagascar 92% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at my local organic grocery store.


This bar was not just single origin, but it was a “bean to bar” chocolate bar, meaning the cacao was grown, harvested, fermented, conched and finally mixed with sugar and poured out as a bar, all in the same country, in this case Madagascar. And at 92% cacao, this bar is mostly chocolate, with just a little sugar mixed in. And wow, what a flavor! The single origin notes really came through, with my co-workers guessing at the particular taste of the note. They guessed a number of different flavors:

  • grapes
  • earth/soil
  • a cherry covered in dirt

I thought it tasted like bright sunshine, which I supposed is a slight metallic taste. That sounds bad, but it isn’t. I really liked this bar, and so did my co-workers. I am going to look for more chocolate from this brand.

Recchiuti single-origin truffles

My friend Tiff C. sent me these single-origin truffles from Recchiuti for my birthday (not to be confused with the other Recchiuti truffles she sent me too).


Inside the box were four truffles, one each from Madagascar, Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador.


I think my favorite was the one from Ecuador, which had such a deep chocolate flavor, but the Colombian one was a close second. The others were good too, but the Madagascar one tasted like fruit and the Venezuelan one was the least chocolatey of the bunch, Oh, who am I kidding? These are Recchiuti so they were all great!

Thanks Tiff!

Blue Bandana Madagascar 82%

My co-worker Chris J. went to Vermont and brought back this bar.


I have had Lake Champlain chocolate bars before, but never one from their new Blue Bandana label, which makes single origin chocolate bars. However, I have had chocolate from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar before, in the form of a Francois Pralus 100% cacao bar that was delicious. So I had high hopes for this bar…

…and I was right! It was delicious! It had that bright “sunshine” singular note that I have come to expect from bars from this country. It also had a deep rich cacao flavor, also totally expected at 82% cacao. I loved it, and so did my co-workers. It disappeared quickly.

Thanks Chris!