Godiva Single Origin Mexican Dark Chocolate With Orange & Ginger Flavor

This bar was the last single origin chocolate bar I bought at Godiva.

This bar had the same 68% cacao single origin Mexican chocolate as the plain, salt and coconut bars, but it contained orange peel and ginger flavoring. Personally, I could taste a lot of orange thanks to the abundant hard, sticky peels in the chocolate, but the ginger was just a slight aftertaste. Both flavors served to mask any single origin note in the chocolate, which makes me wonder why this bar even exists.

Now that I have had all four, I would recommend the plain dark chocolate the highest, followed by the coconut bar, and then a distant third and fourth with the salt and orange & ginger.


Godiva Single Origin Mexican Dark Chocolate With Toasted Coconut

I bought yet another Godiva single origin bar.

This was a really good bar. The coconut was dried and shredded and evenly distributed throughout the bar. The coconut added mostly texture and just a little flavor, but that really let the single origin note of the 68% cacao chocolate shine through. I still think that the plain bar was a little better, but this bar was much better than the salted one.

Godiva Single Origin Mexican Dark Chocolate With Pink Himalayan Salt

I bought another Godiva single origin bar to try.

This bar was also single origin Mexican chocolate, made with 68% cacao. It was good, but I think I liked their plain Mexican chocolate bar better. The salt in this one actually masked the single note flavor in the chocolate, making the whole reason of eating a single origin bar pointless. Besides, I am over adding salt to chocolate. Like chili peppers, that ingredient has been overused as a chocolate additive.

Godiva Single Origin Mexican Dark Chocolate

I bought even more Godiva chocolate at the mall.

This bar was a 68% cacao dark chocolate, made in Belgium with beans from Mexico. It had a very distinctive but hard to describe single origin aftertaste. My chocolate eating meeting offered these adjectives: “sour”, “raisin-ish” and “like sucking on a copper penny”. None of these descriptors sound appetizing, but the chocolate was really very good. It tasted deep and rich like I expect from Godiva, with a wonderful single origin note at the end.

Tomorrow: all this plus pink Himalayan salt!

Turin Jose Cuervo Especial Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this tube of liquor filled chocolates.

Inside were individually wrapped chocolate truffles.

Which opened up to reveal these.

These truffles were OK. The dark chocolate was on the light side (probably 50% cacao) and the filling was very sweet, with just a twang of tequila bite to it. There were a lot of them in the tube, probably twenty or more, so everyone got to try one. Some people even took some back to their offices for their office mates to try.

Thanks Dini!

Michel Cluizel Plantation Mokaya

My co-worker Dave W. brought this bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


I have had Michel Cluizel bars before but not many, and I have had single origin bars from Mexico before, but also not many. And this is my first Cluizel Mexican bar, so that is a big deal!

And it was pretty good too. It had a nice balanced flavor, with no discernible single origin notes, but it was still quite chocolatey. I would have guessed it at about 55% or 60% cacao based on its color and flavor, so I was surprised to see it was 66% cacao. My co-workers loved it though, and everyone wanted seconds, so it was a winner.

Thanks Dave!

Hacienda Santo Coyote

My co-worker Lauren G. was letting people try shots of this liquor, a kind of chocolate tequila.


The bottle inside the box looked like this.


Since this liquor was cream-based, like Bailey’s Irish Cream, I tried it mixed with coffee, and it was delicious, much smoother and more chocolatey than I expected. I also tried a bit of it by itself, and I found it to be quite tasty (and not that alcoholic, at 28 proof). My co-worker Dini M. tried doing a Tim Tam slam with it, and she also liked it. What an unexpected find!

Thanks Lauren!