Trader Joe’s Crispy Cookies Filled With Belgian Chocolate

I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s. I went looking for them based on the great review by Brenda at Become Betty.

I think Trader Joe’s sells great chocolate, and their cookies are usually pretty good too. These cookies were great! They were like round Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, but with much more chocolate filling. The filling is darker and more chocolatey too, so I think I like these cookies even more than Milanos. And that is saying a lot, since I grew up addicted to Milano cookies.

Thanks for the tip, Brenda!

p.s. The chocolate in these cookies is from Belgium, but the cookies themselves are baked in the Netherlands, so I marked both countries as the origin for these.


Tony’s Chocolonely

My co-worker Michele H. brought this bar to a chocolate eating meeting that was from Amsterdam.


This bar was very good. The chocolate was very smooth and creamy, which is rare for dark chocolate, especially 72% cacao. And the label was so brightly colored and silly that I was surprised to see a “slave-free” sticker on it. Apparently after 2005, many European countries stopped buying cacao from farms in Africa that used slave labor. I wish American companies would do that.

BTW, this was my first ever bar from the Netherlands. It was so good that I hope to try more chocolate from that country.