Mast Smoke Chocolate

Here’s another Mast Brothers chocolate from Whole Foods.


I was intrigued by this bar. Not only was it made from single-origin beans from Papua, New Guinea, the beans were smoked before they were conched into chocolate. I found it to be deliciously different, with a deep chocolate taste and a smokey, earthy aftertaste. Some of my co-workers were not as enamored as I was, finding the smoke flavor to be overwhelming. One said the bar was “like eating an ashtray”. While I disagree, you may want to bear this in mind before trying this bar. YMMV.


Maglio Papuasia

This is the last bar from the huge bag that my co-worker Brian H. gave me from San Francisco.


First off, let me remind you that we’ve seen this Maglio brand before, and as bar or truffle, it is very good. And second, this is the first single origin milk chocolate bar I have ever had, which of course peaked my interest in this bar.

And finally and most important, this was a good bar. At 36% cacao, it was already more than three times the amount in a regular Hershey bar, and it was rich tasting as well as very creamy. But I couldn’t taste any singular notes from the chocolate, which I have come to expect from single origin bars. I guess there is not enough cacao for those notes to emerge. Still, as milk chocolate goes, this is one of the best.

Thanks Brian!

Amano Morobe

This was another one of the chocolate bars that was sent to me accidentally when I ordered the Amedei chocolate online.


Even though this bar is manufactured in  Utah, all of the cacao is grown and processed in Papua, New Guinea. The back of the label explained it.


The label also said that the chocolate would have notes of grapefruit, lime, blackberry, smoke and leather. Nope, this bar tasted like raisins, possibly lemony raisins. That was it. If not for that unusual aftertaste, this chocolate didn’t have many notes to make me think of it as single origin. I don’t think my co-workers thought much of its flavor either. I had to convince them to take seconds to finish it off. That’s never a good sign.

Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques

In August of 2011 on my birthday, I was in Seattle in Chocolopolis, a small chocolate shop in Queen Anne Hill, where I found this package of ten small chocolate bars, a tasting pack of chocolate.


These were delicious, all of them. I must admit that my memory of the day is a bit hazy, as birthday libations followed my visit to this store, and I misplaced these and a few other labels after the trip, which is why they are appearing out of date order in my blog. But I remember tasting each bar and finding them all to be exquisite. All of them are single origin, and all were 75% cacao. I will need to try more bars from Pralus.

BTW, the Chocolopolis store was really amazing too. They have a wide range of unusual and rare chocolates, at least here in the States. They are worth a visit if you are in Seattle.

And speaking of libations, I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve tonight! I’ll see you back here in 2014, with a whole bunch of new chocolates.

Trader Joe’s Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at Trader Joe’s a few days before Christmas 2010.


This chocolate was excellent! It had a dark roasted flavor with a hint of some kind of spiciness, but there was no spice added. That taste came entirely from its single origin, not just single country origin, but single province origin. This was my first chocolate from New Guinea, and this bar was made of cacao beans collected entirely in Papua, an province on the western half of New Guinea.