Whittaker’s Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle in Milk Chocolate

Over the holidays, my friend Lucy H. gave me this bar from New Zealand.

I have had several good bars from Whittaker’s, and this one was good too. This was a darker milk chocolate, with 33% cacao, mixed with sea salt and crunchy-sweet caramel brittle pieces. I liked it, but I wished it was even darker, like 50% cacao or more. My co-workers liked it, and several had seconds of this generously large bar.

Thanks Lucy!


Whittaker’s Dark Almond

I bought this bar in a grocery story in downtown Sydney last month.

I had two great Whittaker’s bars last year, a dark chocolate bar and a dark chocolate peanut bar. Both were really good and very inexpensive, and this bar was no exception. It was almost half a pound of dark 62% cacao chocolate, and it was absolutely jam-packed with roasted almonds. I shared it at work, and people loved it, taking thirds and fourths because there was so much.

I swear, for a cheap brand that you can get at grocery stores, I think Whittaker’s is pretty fantastic.

Whittaker’s Peanut Slab

This is another bar I found in Woolworths, a grocery store in downtown Sydney.


This bar was very good and very simple. It was just a thick bar of dark chocolate riddled with peanuts. I loved it. I had had a white chocolate Whittaker’s bar last year, and this was so much better. It was inexpensive, and I wished I had picked up a couple more. You know, for emergencies.

Whittaker’s Lemon & Paeroa Chocolate Slab

My co-worker Constant G. let me try some of this unusual chocolate from New Zealand.


This strange bar was a chunk of white chocolate infused with lemon and studded with bits of popping candy. I can’t say I liked it (it is white chocolate, after all), but it wasn’t horrible. The lemon flavor adds some zing to the otherwise bland white chocolate, and the popping candy was a fun addition and very crunchy. As for the name, apparently Paeroa is a town in New Zealand that makes a fizzy lemon mineral water that this bar is based on. Neat.

Thanks Constant!

More chocolate from New Zealand

My friends Sean and Kelly gave me this bar from their trip to New Zealand in 2006, but somehow I misplaced the label until 2009.

The chocolate was good. I remember thinking there was nothing about it that I can write about, since it was simple dark chocolate and it had no earthy or fruity undertones at all. But look at the label more closely. That tag is on a foot of someone covered by a sheet. It’s a toe tag on a corpse that reads “by CHOCOLATE”, implying it was death by chocolate. That’s cute.

And it only took me three years to get that joke.


Chocolate from New Zealand

My friends Sean and Kelly went to New Zealand, and brought me back this bar.

This was my first chocolate bar ever from New Zealand. And to make sure I knew it was from there, the front label mentions New Zealand three times, plus has a picture of their flag, and it mentions that it has kiwifruit pieces twice and has pictures of them, and there is a picture (with caption) of a kiwi bird and its egg on the label! I love this label!

Unfortunately, I didn’t love the chocolate so much. I am not a fan of milk chocolate or dried fruit in chocolate, and this had both. Still, it was an OK bar. And the label is one of my favorites.