omNom Nicaragua 73% Dark Chocolate

I found a store in Seattle that sold a whole line of single origin dark chocolate bars from omNom, and I wanted to see if these bars tasted better than their burnt barley bar. I started with their Nicaragua bar.

This bar was very good. It was dark and rich, and its single origin note tasted like figs (thanks to my co-worker Dini M. for that fast and accurate identification). I loved the label too, covered with crocodiles and wrapped in a wolf head logo.

Note: this bar is made in Iceland with cacao from Nicaragua, so I tagged both countries.


Indi Nicaragua Chocolate, Part 2

I decided try the next Indi chocolate, this one from Nicaragua. I had had an Indi bar from there before, but this one was sourced from a single province, La Colonia.

This bar was quite good. It had a deep chocolate flavor, and unlike the other Indi Nicaragua bar, it had a singular note, like sour fruit. Interestingly, I had tasted two other bars from Nicaragua (one my first bar ever from there), both with the same singular note. That must be the taste of Nicaragua!

Indi Nicaragua Chocolate

I got this bar at the Indi chocolatier in Pike Market in Seattle.

Like their Ecuador Heirloom bar, this bar was also 72% cacao. And it tasted like it, with a deep rich chocolate flavor. However, I didn’t taste much of a singular note like the Ecuador bar, or the two Friisholm bars that came from Nicaragua. I mean, it was still great chocolate, but it didn’t taste like a single origin bar, and the Ecuador bar was so much richer. Still, I have one more bar to try from this chocolate maker, and my hopes are high.

Friisholm Nicaliso Pure Dark Chocolate 70%

This week my co-worker Dini brought in a second Friisholm bar, which was also my second bar from Nicaragua.


This bar was delicious, very dark and smooth and deep, with a touch of citrus-like aftertaste as its single origin note. I think their Chuno bar is better, but both are fantastic, so that would just be splitting hairs. My co-workers also loved this bar, with some running over to my office when they found out it was another bar from Frissholm. I think we have a new hit brand on our hands!

Thanks Dini!

Friisholm Chuno Dark Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Dini brought this bar into work for us to try during my chocolate eating meeting.


Wow, this bar was fantastic! It had a deep rich chocolate flavor, and being single origin, there was a slighty sour fruit aftertaste, somewhat reminiscent of citrus. I loved it, and so did my co-workers! Dini let me have some extra pieces and confided that this bar cost twenty dollars! So it was expensive, but so worth it! And this was my first bar from Nicaragua! What a great introduction to chocolate from that country!

Thanks Dini!