Equal Exchange Panama 80% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at Whole Foods in the Tustin District.


I had had this bar six years ago, but I included it again because it was SO good and because they changed the label, inside and out. The inside included a description of the farmer’s co-op that produced the cacao and how buy this bar supports them.


I love doing good by chocolate. I also really love the two women on the left. There is such joy in their eyes! I bet they like chocolate too.

My co-workers LOVED this bar! One declared it the best chocolate we had eaten in a quite a while, and I agreed with him. This bar was very dark, deep and rich. I am glad I bought some more in the brand, to sample and to support the farmers. Go chocolate!


Equal Exchange chocolates

Michele brought in two chocolate bars from Equal Exchange, a cooperative that lets small farmers sell their organic produce to a wider customer base than they normally would have available. The first bar was a single origin bar from Panama.


This bar was great! It had a very rich, deep chocolatey flavor, and it was not as bitter as I expected for an 80% cacao bar. And it turns out this was my first ever bar from Panama! It was not only single-origin chocolate, but there was even a picture of the farmer who grew the cacao for this bar on the back of the label.


Thanks Josefine! Your cacao is fantastic.

And then there was this bar.


I know I say frequently that I am not a fan of fruit and chocolate, but then I post a bar of fruit and chocolate and say that I like it…but I can’t do that here. The chocolate was very good in this bar, but the bar itself was super orange flavored. The orange completely overpowered the chocolate, and I was not a fan. Why take great chocolate and mask its complex flavor with fruit? I will never understand that.