Indi Philippines Chocolate

I found more single origin bars waiting at Indi Chocolate when I was in Seattle over Thanksgiving.

Like all Indi bars, this was a 72% cacao dark chocolate bar made with beans sourced from one country, or even one county of a country. This bar was made with beans from Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. And it was good! It reminded me of their Ecuador bar, in that it tasted much more chocolatey than I expected, more like an 80% or 85% bar. It had a mild single origin note, something vaguely fruity and metallic at the same time. I liked it, and so did my co-workers.

I bought a bunch of these bars, so expect more reviews to come!


Goya Krispy Krunch

Here’s another bar I found at the local Filipino grocery store.


This bar was OK. It was just like a Nestle Crunch bar, but with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. And like a Nestle Crunch, it was not very high quality. Like I said, it was OK. Just regular dark chocolate with no specific notes or aftertaste. This bar was really just candy shaped like a bar.

Goya Dark Chocolate

This bar was another one that I found in the local Filipino grocery store.


Yuck! This bar was not very good. A co-worker described it as “a solid block of hot chocolate”, and that was exactly what it tasted like: cheap hot cocoa mix. In fact, I checked the label and there were milk solids in this bar. But it was labeled as “dark chocolate”. For that matter, there was no cocoa butter in this bar at all. It was made of cocoa powder and vegetable oils! No wonder it was so gross! This shouldn’t even be labeled as chocolate here in the States! I wonder if this is legal?

Yuck. Avoid.

Voice Choco Combo Cookies

I found this package of cookies in the local Filipino grocery store.


This package contained ten individually wrapped packs of three cookies.


As you can see, they aren’t as dark as they look on the wrapper. They smelled very chocolatey, but they didn’t taste very chocolatey. They weren’t very sweet, and they were VERY dry. I had one with coffee, and that was great. I gave the rest to co-workers, some of whom liked them and some of whom did not. Most people agreed they needed more flavor.

Fibisco Choco Crunchies

I found these cookies in a Filipino grocery last week, while I was going to the Jollibee restaurant at the front of the store (and I could post a whole entry on their fried chicken, but this is not a chicken blog).


The box opened to reveal almost two dozen foil-wrapped cookies.


Each one was a thin butter cookie, covered in an even thinner coating of chocolate. I could barely taste the chocolate flavor, but I did like this cookie. It would be a great accompaniment to a cup of coffee or hot tea.

Itty Bars

My friend Connor sent me two Itty Bars, little 7 gram chocolate bars made by a small company in Missouri called Askinosie.

This dark chocolate Itty Bar was delicious. A single origin bar at 70% cacao, it was exactly the kind of chocolate I like to snack on – rich tasting, deep chocolate flavor, complex, and not too sweet.

And then there was this Itty Bar. I am not a fan of white chocolate, and this bar was no exception. It tasted like sweet vanilla wax to me. Yuck. But it does have the distinction of being the first chocolate from the Philippines that I have ever tasted. How did I miss out on their chocolate when I think their bread is some of the best in the world?!