Vobro Frutti di Mare

I found these chocolates on the “free” counter in the kitchen at work, so despite the white chocolate portions, of course I had to try one.

The name “frutti di mare” means mollusk or seafood in Italian, which is strange given that Vobro is a Polish chocolate maker. These pralines were a milk chocolate and white chocolate combination shell surrounding a milk chocolate hazelnut cream filling. I thought it was quite yummy, if a little sweet. A dark chocolate version would be wonderful!

Thanks, anonymous donor.

Sugarpova Dark Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Charlie S. brought this new bar to our tasting meeting.


This is one of the chocolate bars from tennis star Maria Sharapova’s new line of chocolates! I am not a huge fan of tennis, but I know a celebrity bar when I see it! And not only was this bar big (at 3.5 ounces), but it was really good too! Very dark and rich, slightly sweeter than I would expect for 70% cacao, but very smooth. And I was shocked at how good it was, considering it is made by Baron, a Polish chocolate company who has disappointed me in the past. My co-workers loved it too, and everyone got to have seconds.

Thanks Charlie!

Rekolady Your Chocolate Story

My boss Feargus U. brought back this unusual bar from Poland.


This was a crazy looking bar! Out of the wrapper it looked like three finger bones on a bed of bloody pebbles. See?


The inside labels told the Chocolate Story. The left one was in Polish.


I’m not sure what it said, but the right label had a diagram.


I think I can make out the story, of the beans being harvested and sent to Rekolady, where they are conched and poured into molds, and then fruit is added, looking like strawberries and citrus. Oddly, the back label said there was 70% cacoa beans and the rest as sugar in this bar, but there was obviously some kind of dried fruit on top. I tasted raspberries and something, and one co-worker thought that something was pineapple, but I am not sure. People thought the bar tasted weird, and there were still some pieces left after ninety minutes, so I guess it wasn’t a crowd favorite. But people loved trying it and looking at the label!

Thanks Feargus!

Kinder Bueno

My co-worker Alfonso G. gave me this candy bar at work.


This was a surprisingly yummy milk chocolate bar. It was very chocolatey, and each of the four sections was filled with a delicious hazelnut paste that was so light and fluffy that it seemed to be whipped. I really liked it.

I was not sure how to classify the country for this bar. Kinder is seen as a German candy, but it was made by an Italian company for sale in Spain. I finally decided to use its country of manufacture, Poland. Oh Europe, you so crazy.

Thanks Alfonso!

Prince Polo Dark Chocolate Confection

I found this dark chocolate treat at Cost Plus World Market last week.


This confection consisted of four thin crispy wafers, with a lightly flavored chocolate creme in between them, all covered in rich dark chocolate. It was super tasty and reminded me of Japanese treats I have tried. The back label said this was made in Poland, so this is seventh chocolate I have eaten from that country. I need to find more!