I apologize for the translation of this chocolate. It was a gift to my husband Robert from a producer at work, who picked it up in Russia during a trip.


This was a wafer filled with praline and covered in dark chocolate. It was very good and not too sweet, and proof that I can like praline.


A. Kopkyhob Wokorag

My co-worker Jan N. gave me this Russian bar, which I have no doubt mangled the name of.


This bar was milk chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts, and I loved it! Yes, that’s right, I loved a milk chocolate bar. It had a deep chocolate flavor (I don’t know the cacao percentage, but I would guess 40% or thereabouts), and it wasn’t salty like a lot of American milk chocolate bars. Plus, those hazelnuts were delicious, and I think they helped me like the milk chocolate even more.

Russian Chocolate, Part 4

This was the final Russian chocolate bar of the tasting meeting at work.


This milk chocolate bar was probably my least favorite tasting of all of the chocolate, but wow, the label was fantastic! Look at that panorama! That makes me want to visit Russia.

Like the other chocolates, this one also had an informational sleeve inside.


And there was also an English translation.


So there is some nice history of Moscow for you!

Russian Chocolate, Part 3

This was a really great bar from our Russian chocolate tasting at work in the fall of 2013.


Yum! Dark chocolate with hazelnuts is one of my favorite combinations, and this bar was delicious. The chocolate was very dark and very roasted, almost tasting burnt, and it paired well with the hazelnuts.

I really liked the cover, and sleeve inside the wrapper explained the significance of the star.


If you don’t speak Russian, they thoughtfully provided a translation (I guess they get a lot of English speaking tourists).


So that is what those stars signify on many of the buildings in Moscow! Is there anything I can’t learn from chocolate?!

Russian Chocolate, Part 1

Some co-workers returned from a trip to Russia in September of 2013, and they brought back chocolate for the whole company to enjoy. I sampled some, and then I returned later to grab the labels.


This was a package of “tourist chocolate”, what people buy when they visit Moscow. It was milk chocolate, usually not my favorite, but it was very rich and I liked it. And I loved the painted cover!