Choco Latte

I bought this bar in a grocery store in Croatia in May 2017, but I didn’t get around to eating it until July.

This bar was OK. At 46% cacao, it was not very dark at all, but I did like the profusion of whole hazelnuts, and it was big enough to share at work with everyone having seconds. I just wished it was a little darker. OK, a lot darker.

Interestingly, this was NOT a Croatian bar. It was made in Slovenia, and it’s my second bar from there. The first one was a little odd, being made with pumpkin seed oil, so I would say this bar is a better example of their chocolate.


My first chocolate from Slovenia

My friend Steve gave me this chocolate in 2008, but I got behind in my labels and didn’t add it to my collection until 2009.

This was a strange bar. The pumpkin seeds and oil made for an unusual taste and texture, and I am not sure that I liked it. It was…different. However, it was my first ever chocolate from the country of Slovenia, which I must admit that I had never heard of and had to look up. It’s a small country in Central Europe, but it has its own language (Slovene), and “strast” is their word for passion. I just wish I had some for this bar.

BTW, I laughed when I read the label and saw “Produced in Slovenia for Oil Company Kocbek”. I heard it in my head in the voice of Coach Lugash from the Simpson’s. I have no idea why.