Colombin Premium Hallabong Chocolate

My co-worker Dan H. gave me this South Korean dark chocolate to try.

I thought I had had this before, but I have had milk chocolate hallabong chocolate, and this one was dark chocolate. It had the same shape, the “stone grandfather”, but there was no seam. The dark chocolate totally encased the orange cream interior. It was very good, but the orange flavor was so strong that it overpowered the chocolate, which was unfortunate. But it was still WAY better than a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Thanks Dan!


Lotte Choco Pie

My co-worker Charlie S. brought these into work while I was out of the office, but he saved me a couple to try.

They come in individually wrapped pies.

These are two soft chocolate wafers with marshmallow creme between them, and the whole thing is covered in dark chocolate. I liked these. I realized I had had them before, in a box that another co-worker brought from South Korea. These are just as good!

Thanks Charlie!

Bronoir Brownie Chocochip Cookies

I found this box of awesomeness at a local Asian grocery story.


What is this? A brownie INSIDE of a chocolate chip cookie, combined with the awesome name of Bronoir?! I had to have it.

Inside were two trays of seven cookies, each individually wrapped.


Look how luscious that cookie looks! Also note that two different colors of wrappers, but we couldn’t tell any difference between the cookies they contained.

This is what an actual cookie looks like, held by a co-worker.


So how was it? Hmm. Kinda dry and not very chocolatey. The chocochip part had no chips at all on most of the cookies (we only saw two cookies that had any chips in the cookie part), but the brownie interior had some chocolate chips. Still, it was oddly flavorless. Mildly sweet, barely chocolate, very dry…that is my summary of this cookie. Still, with a name like “Bronoir”, you gotta try it, right?

Otte Syokolra

Here is another confection I bought at an Asian grocery store.


I thought this box was super pretty, and I liked the look of that cake stick. Here’s what it looked like when I pulled one out of its wrapper.


The box called this a “soft and moist cake”. I thought it tasted a little plastic, and it was barely chocolatey at all. Robert seemed to like it, so I told him he could have the remaining ones.

Ace Chocolatto

I found these chocolate-covered cookies at a local Asian market.


These Korean confections were little square butter cookies with a mountain-shaped covering of milk chocolate. Yeah, I know that looks like dark chocolate on the box, but the ingredient list said milk chocolate, plus this is what they really looked like.


They tasted pretty good. Nice butter cookie, OK chocolate. Nothing special, but I’d eat a few as a snack if I wanted something sweet. I doubt I’d buy them again, though.


Pepero Dark

My co-worker Nate M. brought these in for everyone to try.


I have had the Pepero brand sticks before, and they are a lot like Pocky. In fact, I would not be able to tell them apart without looking at their labels. But I have never had dark chocolate on a chocolate biscuit stick like these, and they were really good. This would be my “go to” Pocky, if I had such a thing.

Thanks Nate!