Blanxart Dark Chocolate 72% With Apple And Honey

I found this bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This bar looked beautiful. Look at those bits of dried apple!


I wasn’t sure how to break this bar into pieces, and then I flipped it over.


Ah, I can break this bar along these lines! I tried a piece and found it to be…odd. It didn’t taste as dark as I expected from the 72% on the label, and while the apple bits were nice, the honey left a strange aftertaste in my mouth. I shared it with my co-workers, and they agreed it was just an OK bar. I have had two Blanxart bars before, one with almonds and one with cacao nibs, and both were delicious. I guess I don’t like honey in my chocolate. Except for this bar.

Anyway, this chocolate bar was my 1,400th unique chocolate bar. Wow! That only took me twenty-three years to do! That’s over 60 new bars per year, or a new one every week and then some.


Valor Dark Chocolate With Almonds

I found this bar at my local grocery store the weekend before Cinco de Mayo, so I had to pick it up.


This bar was really good, but of course I am a sucker for any chocolate with nuts in it. It was only 52% cacao, and some of my co-workers were surprised that we were tasting any dark chocolate with less than 65% cacao, but I have a sweet spot for almond bars in particular. In fact, I had had this one before, almost twelve years ago, but the label is new and much prettier, so I included it again.

And if you are wondering what my chocolate eating meetings look like at the office, here is a photo!


These are about half the co-workers (plus my husband on the right) who regularly come by, with the remaining co-workers wandering in and out over the next half hour or so. Everyone knows to stop by my desk at 2:30 pm every day, to see what chocolate is there. It’s a regular part of my day!

Lazaro Spanish Cup Cakes With Cacao Cream Filling

I found these unusual packaged cupcakes at my local grocery store last weekend. They were only 99 cents, so I wanted to try them.


This package had six cupcakes inside, and they were…odd. I am not saying they were bad, but they weren’t good. I bought them mid-April, and their expiration date was December. They tasted plastic and had little flavor, especially the “cacao cream filling” which had no chocolate flavor at all. It might as well have been a sweetened starchy filling that was dyed black. And the cupcake itself was a nearly flavorless spongecake type pastry, and it was even more gross than a Twinkie.


I will NOT be buying these again. And I want my 99 cents back.

Valor chocolate with forest fruits

My co-worker Kristy continued her generous contribution of fruit-oriented chocolate bars by bringing this Valor bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


This bar was fantastic, like previous Valor bars I have had. The chocolate was very dark and very rich, and the fruit was freeze-dried bits of raspberries and blackberries, and they paired with the chocolate very well. Like yesterday’s Amedei bar, I think that freeze-dried fruit tastes so much better than dried fruit, especially with chocolate. Plus, freeze-dried fruit is not sulfured, so if that chemical causes you headaches as it does to me, then these kinds of chocolate bars are perfect for you.

Valor chocolate with pear

I have had Valor chocolate before, but I found a bar with dried pears in it, and given my luck with chocolate and fruit bars lately, I wanted to try it.


When I opened the wrapper, this bar smelled like flowers. There was a distinct floral, not fruity, aroma, but when I tasted it, the little fruit bits tasted very much like pears. And they went well with the chocolate, which had a very deep and roasted flavor. Overall, this is a very good bar!