MilkBoy Extra Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at CostPlus World Market.

I had never heard of the MilkBoy brand before, and I assumed it was milk chocolate and almost walked by until I saw it was 85% cacao. It was quite good too, tasting very dark but not very astringent and just a bit bitter. My co-workers liked it and had seconds and thirds, since this was a big 100 gram bar. It wasn’t very expensive, and I think it would be good to bake with as well as eat.


Simple Truth Organic Dark Chocolate 85% Cacao

I found this bar at my grocery store.

I have had this brand before, as a 70% cacao bar with sea salt and a 71% bar with maca powder, and those were both good, so I expected the same of this bar. And it was very good. Very dark and rich but still smooth. Surprisingly, the chocolate flavor was not as intense as I expected, or as one co-worker said “it smelled better than it tasted”. Don’t misunderstand, this was a good bar. But it smelled very dark, yet tasted like a lighter bar, perhaps 70% cacao.

Still good, though. And easily available at the grocery store.

Alter Eco Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

My co-worker Anthony R. gave me this bar.

I have had several  Alter Eco bars, but at 85% cacao, this one was the darkest one yet. And it was very chocolatey, with a deep cacao flavor and a hint of fruity aftertaste, with just a touch of astringent dryness that many high-cacao bars tend to have. My co-workers really liked it and most took seconds.

Thanks Anthony!

Villars Dark Coffee Bar

I found this dark chocolate Swiss bar in a grocery store in Dubrovnik in Croatia, while I was there at a conference.

This bar was dark chocolate with little coffee flavored crisps throughout it. While it was only 50% cacao, the coffee crisps made it seem much darker, with a nice roasted flavor. Everyone at the chocolate eating meeting loved it, except that one guy who hates coffee. And that other guy who hates coffee. They know who they are.

Lindt Cognac

My co-worker Dini M. also gave me this fancy Lindt bar.


The bar consisted of a dozen rectangles of chocolate (like on the cover), each one supposedly filled with a sweetened liquid cognac filling. This particular bar had dried out, so each rectangle was filled with a cognac-flavored sugar crust. But they were still pretty good, and even Lindt milk chocolate is good chocolate. Everyone had fun eating this fancy bar, and we wished we had had monocles and top hats for the true fancy experience.

Thanks Dini!

Simple Truth Organic Maca Dark Chocolate 71% Cacao

Robert gave me this bar, which he found in a grocery store in Seattle.


This bar was made in Switzerland and contains maca powder. Maca is a Peruvian root that is supposedly high in vitamins and minerals and might even be an aphrodisiac. I had several pieces, and I couldn’t taste anything but a nice smooth dark chocolate. Even though maca is supposed to have a “malted” flavor, I couldn’t taste anything else, and neither could my co-workers. The bar was big enough for everyone to have two or three pieces, and it all disappeared in under 10 minutes, so I would call that a good bar.

Thanks Robert!