Schokolake Tablets

My friend Tiff C. picked this up in Taiwan.

Inside were six chocolate tablets of four varieties each. From left to right, they were: 64% cacao dark chocolate with hazelnuts, dark chocolate (my guess is around 50-60% cacao), darker chocolate (my guess is 65-70% cacao) and 100% cacao dark chocolate. They were all quite good, but the 100% wasn’t as good as their 100% Ecuadorian chocolate, since it was drier and more crumbly. The two middle dark chocolates were good if a little sweet, and the hazelnut chocolate was good and very nutty. And thanks to breaking the tablets in half, everyone got to try every flavor! And I would say this box was a hit, as even the 100% tablets were all consumed quickly.

Thanks Tiff!


Imei Choco Crêpe

My co-worker Dini M. found these at a local Asian grocery store. Yes, despite looking and sounding like they are from France, these biscuits are from Taiwan.

Inside were twelve wafer cookies. Each one was made up of delicate layers of chocolate wafers, all covered in a coating of dark chocolate. And they were super delicious! The chocolate coating was surprisingly rich, and the wafers just fall apart instantly when you bite down. They were so good that I immediately ate another, and after my co-workers ate the rest, I was thinking of driving over to the market to get more, Yes, they were that good.

Thanks Dini!

I-Mei Dark Puff Pastry

Robert and I found these cookies in a local Asian grocery store.


This package contained eight individually wrapped little pastries. And when the label says “Dark”, it means dark!


Each pastry was a small chunk of puff pastry, filled with a sweetened coconut mixture and covered with a dark, almost black, chocolate coating. I thought these were just OK, with the chocolate being good but the pastry itself being greasy and not buttery at all. Robert liked them though, and he ate a second one right away. So your mileage may vary.