Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy

On the recommendation of a co-worker, I picked up these frozen dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces at Trader Joe’s.

These were wonderful. The box contained about 15-20 pieces, each one anywhere from a quarter to half of a strawberry, coated in a thick layer of pretty good dark chocolate. It was 92 degrees on the day I bought them, so I ate three or four pieces after lunch, and that was a perfect icy and chocolatey dessert for a hot day. I am keeping a box of these in the freezer all summer!


Matcha Pocky

My co-worker Nate M. gave me these Pocky.


Matcha Pocky?! Not really a chocolate item, but I liked the Chocolate Banana Pocky, and these kind of reminded me of Matcha Kit Kat, which I really liked. These were good, but the flavor of the biscuit stick overwhelmed the faint fruity tea flavor of the matcha cream. However, these Pocky were made in Thailand, and this is my first ever treat from that country. I just wish it had been dark chocolate!

Thanks Nate!