Eti Karam Bitter Bademli Portakalli

This is the last bar from my friend Alper C. in Turkey.


This bar was delicious! The chocolate was very rich, much darker than 54% cacao would imply, and much more flavorful.  There were lots of almond bits throughout the bar, and an occasional orange bit too. I liked that the orange was kept in reserve, as I think that flavor detracts from chocolate. All in all, this bar was damn near perfect.

Thanks Alper!


Ülker Caramio

I let my new co-worker Brett K. pick today’s chocolate, a milk chocolate and caramel bar from Turkey, sent to me by my friend Alper C.



This bar was good, but it was very sweet, a little too much for my tastes. Perhaps if the chocolate was dark that would have toned down the sweetness some. But the caramel was great, soft and gooey and rich. It was so gooey that it was hard to break the bar into pieces without some leaking out, and one of my co-workers asked to eat the caramel stuck to the wrapper, so it must have been good!

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was my 1024th post on this blog! So to my programming readers, happy 1K posting!

Nestle Damak Tablets

Today I wanted to try some more Turkish chocolates from my friend Alper.


I really liked the Damak bar, so I wanted to try these tablets. The box contained three smaller boxes, each of which contained five tablets of milk chocolate with chopped pistachios.


These were very good, just like the bar. The milk chocolate was rich, and the pistachio bits were crunchy and sweet-tasting. I had seconds (and thirds) and so did my co-workers!

Ülker Çikolata

We tried another Turkish chocolate bar from my friend Alper C!


This bar was very good. The chocolate was creamy and very rich for a milk chocolate, and there were tons of whole roasted hazelnuts in it. As it was a smaller bar (compared to the enormous Fazer bars), I could tell people liked it when they wanted seconds and there was not enough to go around!

Ülker Bitter With Pistachios

My friend Alper C. sent a big care package of Turkish chocolates, and I decided to start with this one.



Wow, this bar was delicious! The chocolate was dark and rich and tasted a lot darker than 60% cacao. And the pistachios added a great flavor and lots of crunch. This bar reminded me of rocky road ice cream, and everyone who tried it loved it.

Thanks Alper!

Elit Truffles


I will make a post later with some stats, but I wanted to commemorate this post, since I have now posted one thousand entries on this blog and over a thousand chocolate labels, since I sometimes posted two or more in an entry. I think that deserved some kind of recognition! Huzzah!

And what better way to celebrate than with an especially good entry. My friend Alper C. sent me this box of truffles from Turkey.


The box itself deserves a special mention. To open it, you must untie a ribbon and fold back two opposing covers, and then you can lift the lid to reveal the three rows of chocolate truffles within: one milk, one white and one dark. I tried them all, and no surprise, the dark ones were my favorite. A delicate but crunchy outer shell gave way to an inner core of creamy dark chocolate goodness. Sweet but not too sweet, and very very chocolatey.

The milk chocolate ones were good too, just not as rich tasting, and the white ones…well, they were good for white chocolate. Creamy and not two sweet. I ate one and let my husband and lunch guest eat the others.

Thank you Alper. This was a great chocolate treat to celebrate the blog’s millennial entry!

Ülker Milk Chocolate

And now for the last of the Turkish chocolate from Alper C., the Ülker milk chocolate.


The box opened up to reveal eight small chocolate tablets.


I shared them with my co-workers, and we all stood around eating the tablets. They were standard milk chocolate, not bad, tasting like 15% cacao or so, but then I checked the back of the box and discovered they were 30% cacao! Wow, I never would have guessed. That’s almost three times the cacao in Hershey’s chocolate! Alper said that this was the chocolate that children would eat, and all I can say is they are lucky children if this is their standard chocolate. I bet they would dislike American chocolate a lot.