HT Traders Uganda Origin Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate

I found this bar in a grocery story in Duck, North Carolina, where I was attending my niece’s wedding.


If the label confuses you, this is a chocolate bar made in Belgium using cacao sourced in Uganda for sale in the United States. And I thought it was delicious! It was smooth and creamy and very dark and rich, perfect as an 80% cacao bar, with a sour fruity note from its single origin. I was planning to eat this bar at the office with my co-workers, but it accidentally got eaten during the 14 hour trip back to Southern California.

I regret nothing.


Hägeland Uganda

My friend and co-worker Steve M. brought this bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


This bar was OK. It was surprisingly flavorless for an 80% cacao bar, especially one that is single origin. There were actually leftovers from the meeting, as many people decided against having a second piece.

Like I have mentioned before, this brand Hägeland is just a re-brand of Cachet, and it turns out I have had this bar already. Oddly, they changed the cover art a little bit, and they don’t mention what kind of cacao bean they use, but the rest is all the same. So technically this doesn’t count as my second bar of chocolate from Uganda. It’s my first one, re-labeled.

Cachet chocolate

I found this single-origin chocolate bar at a local candy store.


This bar was not very good. It was waxy and flavorless, which was surprising for an 80% cacao bar. I was also surprised that they would advertise that the bar is made of forastero beans, the most common and least flavored of cacao beans.Criollo beans are the money bean, since they taste much better, especially when mixed in with other cacao beans for a mix of chocolate flavors.

This was both my first Cachet bar and my first bar from the country of Uganda. Since it wasn’t very good, I was disappointed, but I am going to blame the brand and not the country. You’re off the hook for this one, Uganda.

And as of this post, I have now been posting to this blog daily for one year. With several more volumes of “Chocolate I Have Known” remaining to be posted, I should be good to go for a few more years!