Alnassma Camel Milk Dark Chocolate 70% With Dates

My producer Shana B. gave me this dark chocolate bar from Dubai.

Interestingly, I have had this exact bar, without dates, about three years ago, and it was really good. And so was this one. It was a very smooth and creamy dark chocolate bar, with just a few chewy date pieces and a hint of camel milk (literally a hint, like 2%) that give it a mild tangy aftertaste. I liked it, and so did my co-workers, after they got used to the idea of milking a camel.

Thanks Shana!


Milk Chocodate

I got another Chocodate from my co-worker Nate M., this time a milk chocolate one.


This one was just like the last Chocodate, only it was enrobed with milk chocolate instead of dark. It was good, but of course, I like the dark chocolate version better.

Thanks Nate!

Alnassma Macadamia Orange Camel Milk Chocolate

A friend of mine gave me this camel milk bar, only the fourth one I have ever had.


This bar tasted STRONGLY of orange, so much so that I couldn’t really taste the chocolate. It was very creamy milk chocolate, and the macadamias provided some crunch, but really all I could taste was the orange. And it stayed in my mouth as an aftertaste for almost an hour.

Still, this was a very cool bar, from the other side of the world. And from a camel.

Alnassma Camel Whole Milk Chocolate

My co-worker Roby A. gave me a third camel milk chocolate bar.


This was a whole milk bar, with no spices like the other camel milk bar. It was 21% camel milk and 36% cacao, and it was pretty good. I shared it with my co-workers and everyone liked it, but we agreed there was an unusual aftertaste, as if the bar had been made with a touch of yogurt. Not bad, but definitely unusual!

Alnassma Camel Milk Dark Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Roby A. generously supplied me with a second camel milk chocolate bar, and a dark chocolate one at that!


I call this a dark chocolate bar even though it contains camel milk. There was just 2% camel milk, and it is a 70% cacao bar. And it was excellent dark chocolate. Very smooth and creamy, probably more due to the honey than the milk. I liked this bar better than the milk chocolate version, mainly because this one was not spiced, letting the full chocolate flavor through.

Alnassma Camel Milk Chocolate

Five or so years ago, at my last company, a co-worker heard about a special milk chocolate from the United Arab Emirates that was made with camel milk. He tried to get some, but he couldn’t find an importer, and the company would not ship to the United States. He finally gave up, declaring camel milk chocolate an impossible food to get in the United States.

So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday morning my co-worker Roby A. handed me this chocolate bar.


He found it! A bar of camel’s milk chocolate, made in Dubai but for sale here in the U.S. In fact, he found it at the Orange County Fair, from a vendor selling them near a camel exhibit! I was amazed! After so many years, I was holding a camel milk chocolate bar!

Yesterday afternoon,I shared the bar with seven co-workers, and everyone loved it. It was incredibly smooth and creamy, and it was sweetened with sugar and honey, giving it a unique taste. The camel milk added its own special richness, as well as some unnamed spices (but I am sure one was cinnamon and another was probably nutmeg). At 36% cacao, it was not the darkest milk chocolate I have ever had, but it was probably the richest tasting, and it was, by far, the best milk chocolate bar I have tasted this year.

Thanks Roby!