Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Porcelana 71%

My publisher came to visit last week, and their creative director Allen M. brought me a Rózsavölgyi chocolate bar from Hungary!


I was really excited to try this bar, since their Chuao bar was amazing, and this was made with Porcelana beans from the same region! And the cover art was just as cool, so I took a picture without the wrapper.


And the bar itself was super pretty!


And the taste? Fantastic! So dark and rich and super chocolatey, like chocolate is supposed to taste. I broke this bar open at the meeting so everyone could try it, and they all agreed it was amazing. It disappeared so quickly I could barely manage to eat three pieces!

Was it as good as the Amedei Porcelana bar? Hard to tell. I would have to do a back to back tasting. In fact, I should do that…

Thanks Allen!


Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Chuao 73%

I got this bar at the now-familiar grocery in Seattle, DeLaurenti.


I loved this label, front and back.


I even removed the outer paper and took a photo of the bare label.


Yes, this bar cost $16.99. I had never heard of the brand, which is Hungarian, but I have heard of Chuao, that famous village in Venezuela where some great chocolate comes from, like Amedei Chuao or even the Chuao brand. So I had high hopes for this bar, and it’s why I spent so much on it.

Look at how dark and pretty the bar was.


I broke it up into pieces and tried one.


So dark. So rich. So fudgey. So chocolatey. I loved it. I ate another piece immediately, letting it melt in my mouth so I could savor it. So good. My co-workers loved it too. Some had seconds, but there wasn’t enough for everyone to do so. I wished I had bought two of these bars.

There wasn’t really any single origin notes, despite this bar being made from beans in one small area of Venezuela. I didn’t mind. This chocolate is fantastic. I would buy another one right now if it was local. I would like to try more from this brand too.

Cacao Sampaka Venezuela & Ecuador 91%

I found this bar in Seattle two weeks ago. I saw the 91% cacao and I had to have it.


Like the Raaka bar, this is a dual-origin bar, with beans from both Venezuela and Ecuador being blended together, with the bar itself being made in Spain. And it was delicious! Very deep and rich and oh so chocolatey. No real single origin notes, not that I expected any. But it had a very, very deep flavor. So good.

I also want to point out that this “bar” was actually two bars, split down its height! So this box had two thin bars, both the length and width of the box. So when I broke them up, there were enough pieces for people to have seconds and thirds, and yes, they wanted them. I would love to try more of this brand!

Recchiuti single-origin truffles

My friend Tiff C. sent me these single-origin truffles from Recchiuti for my birthday (not to be confused with the other Recchiuti truffles she sent me too).


Inside the box were four truffles, one each from Madagascar, Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador.


I think my favorite was the one from Ecuador, which had such a deep chocolate flavor, but the Colombian one was a close second. The others were good too, but the Madagascar one tasted like fruit and the Venezuelan one was the least chocolatey of the bunch, Oh, who am I kidding? These are Recchiuti so they were all great!

Thanks Tiff!

Pierre Marcolini Limited Edition Venezuela 78%

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this fancy bar of chocolate. Excuse me, this tablet of chocolate, which is what their website calls these square bars.


This bar is made of criollo beans (the most rare of cacao beans, unlike the more common forastero and trinitario varieties) only found in one village (Chuao) in one state (Aragua) in one country (Venezuela) in the world, and that village is not accessible by car or train or plane, but only by boat. Talk about a very specific single origin! I think this is a smaller region than the bar made from beans from only one valley in Madagascar!

This bar tasted very good, being both very dark and very rich. The chocolate flavor was very pronounced and almost cocoa like in quality, reinforced by the powdery finish of the bar, which started creamy and then seems to dry and powder in your mouth. It’s an unusual sensation, but I liked it, and my co-workers did too. This bar disappeared in two minutes, except for a piece I saved for someone in a meeting who couldn’t make it right away. It took all of my will not to eat that piece.

I have had bars from beans from Chuao before, and the Amedei ones (Chuao and Porcelana) were both pretty amazing, but this bar was very good too, and quite complex in both flavor and texture. This is only my second taste of Pierre Marcolini chocolate, but I think I need to try more of this brand. It intrigues me.

Thank you so much, Brian!

Josophan’s Dark Chocolate 72% Venezuela

This was the last bar of the single origin four pack I bought at Josophan’s Fine Chocolates in Sydney.


This bar was delicious. Very dark, very smooth, very creamy. But not a hint of a single origin note. I am not saying this chocolate was a blend, but it tasted like one. And it was not bad chocolate. In fact, it was extremely good chocolate. But with single origin, I expect a note to stand out in the flavor profile, and this one had nothing.