Marou 78% Dark Chocolate

Our director Allen M. brought a second Vietnamese single origin bar to the office.

This was the companion bar to the 74% cacao bar from Vietnam. Surprisingly, with just a 4% cacao difference, it tasted very different than the other bar. It was deep and earthy, like a Peruvian bar. I am guessing that its cacao, while still from Vietnam, had a different local source. Still, it was very good and a nice complement to the 74% bar.

Thanks Allen!


My first Vietnamese chocolate

In late 2009, I found a bag with some chocolate labels that I had misplaced after a move. It contained some labels as old as four years, so some of the next posts will seem to have jumped back in time a bit. My apologies for the discontinuity.

My world traveler friend Lucy brought me back a bar from a trip to Vietnam in 2006.

I was excited to try chocolate from Vietnam for the first time, and as milk chocolate goes, it wasn’t bad. I must admit that I couldn’t taste anything distinguishing about it, so I suspect the cacao percentage was low. Still, this was a cool label to add to my collection!