An old standby

One of my co-workers, Robert, was selling candy bars to help his high school sibling raise money, and I wanted to help. Then I saw he was selling See’s chocolate bars, and I really wanted to help, if you know what I mean.

I have always loved See’s chocolates. They make a dark chocolate sampler that is amazing, with lots of chocolate and nut confections that I really enjoy. So it was no surprise that I really liked this bar. I did have one problem with it: they used almost no almonds in it. There were three or four along the entire length of the bar. Unlike their sampler, which was bursting with almonds and peanuts and hazelnuts, this bar seemed kind of skimpy. Other than that, the chocolate was very good.

This was the last new chocolate bar I ate in 1997. The following year will bring a lot of new international chocolates.