I finally got some tact!

I found these choco-sticks at the local Japanese grocery, and I had to buy them for their name alone.

They were not very good, being kind of bland tasting. I spent the rest of the day handing them out to co-workers, saying “you look like you could use some tact”. If I remember correctly, no one thought that was funny.


French organic chocolate

The organic craze even hit imported chocolate, which this label off a French bar demonstrates.

/sarcasm on

This bar is biological? That’s great because those all-mineral bars really hurt my teeth.

/sarcasm off

This was a good bar, but I broke most of it into pieces and made chocolate chip cookies with it. Those were yummy!

Organic chocolate

During the year 2000, I saw some changes in how chocolate was being marketed in the States. I began noticing the word “organic” on some bars, and also I saw more and more chocolate labels that indicated the numerical percent of cacao in the bar. While I am not a big fan of the term “organic” since technically everything made of carbon is organic, I like seeing the cacao percent. This Swiss bar is a good example of both terms on a label.

This bar was very good! I ate a little bit of it, and then I used the rest to glue together my meringue mushroom cookies. These are really yummy cookies with meringue mushroom-looking caps and stems that are glued together with bittersweet chocolate, and this particular bar did the job quite well. One day I plan to type in my recipe for those cookies here, but at six hours to make one batch of three dozen, I doubt that many people will make them.