Chocolate with a cause

I found this bar at a local organic grocery store in late 2001.

The label claimed that a portion of the proceeds of this bar went to help save endangered animals. That seems like a great cause to me, plus it is one more reason to eat as much chocolate as possible.

This bar was good, but not great. I liked the chocolate and of course I love nuts in my chocolate, but I am not crazy about the taste of fruit in my chocolate. And while I like dried cranberries by themselves or in a muffin, in this context they tasted too much like raisins, which I absolutely hate with chocolate (you could not pay me to eat Goobers). So this bar rated merely good. Without the cranberries, I’d up it a notch to very good.


Swiss chocolate

Another bar that my friend Larry brought back from his trip to Paris was actually from Switzerland.

This bar was fantastic! The chocolate was very dark and not too sweet and not too bitter. It was just right. And it melted perfectly in your mouth too. This was about the time (late 2001) that I began to realize that I liked 70-80% cacao bars the most. Any less, and the chocolate taste was too mild. And more, and the taste was too bitter and not sweet enough.


My friend Larry went to Paris to give a talk, and he brought me back this bar.

At 55% cacao, it might not seem like a very dark chocolate, but it was quite good. It looked and tasted like 65-70% cacao bar. Larry said a friend there had recommended it to him, and I second that recommendation.

Belgian chocolate

A friend of mine, Tom,  was working at another company on a computer game being translated into French, and the translator liked to eat these chocolates from Belgium.

I thought they were great, and he shared a few with me. I am pretty sure they were dark chocolate, but I can’t really remember.

Choco Pop

My housekeeper Sue left me this bar around Christmastime in 2001.

This was a surprisingly yummy milk chocolate bar. The inside of the bar is caramel and peanuts, sort of like a Snickers but without any nougat. I really liked it.

I have never seen them in stores and I have no idea where she got it.