Russian chocolate dessert

I received another gift from Maria during Christmas of 2002.

These little goodies were similar to meringue and covered in dark chocolate. They were very good. Maria served them as dessert along with a very strong Russian tea. Delicious.


Dark Russian chocolate

I received another gift of Russian chocolate from my friend Maria at Christmastime in 2002.

This was dark, whipped chocolate, and it was really good! I was beginning to think that there was no such thing as bad Russian chocolate.

Rich Art chocolate

My friend Tiffany went to New York City in the fall of 2002, and she brought me back some elegantly packaged chocolates.

The dark chocolate wafers came in a little bag held shut with a wooden dowel and tied with a ribbon. I thought that all of this packaging might indicate a case of form over function, but I was pleasantly surprised that the chocolate was really very good. Also, note that the label indicated both the cacao percentage of 70% and the single origin of the chocolate, namely Venezuela. Soon I would see a lot of chocolate bars list both of these facts on their labels. It was information that discerning eaters of chocolate were demanding to know.

More Russian chocolate

My friend Larry asked Maria, a friend of his from Russia, to bring over some chocolate for me in late 2002. Here was one of my favorites.

This was very good chocolate, very dark and delicious. And it was whipped and airy, making it very easy to bite into and chew. And I don’t speak a word of Russian, but I did notice that there are five other flavors pictured on the back label! That gave me some bars to look forward to in the future.

BTW, Maria would later become Larry’s fiance and then his wife. They now have several children together, and he and Maria would donate many more delicious bars of Russian chocolate to my collection.