More Harrod’s chocolates

I went to England in 2003 and picked up some delicious chocolates in Harrods department store, so I was pleasantly surprised when my neighbors gave me some Harrods chocolates for house sitting for them.

Like the other Harrods chocolates, these were a mix of milk and dark chocolates, and they were pretty good. There were also a half a pound of them, so I shared them with my co-workers.


Awesome Spanish chocolate

I found this amazing chocolate bar at CostPlus in November of 2004.

Not only was the chocolate dark and smooth and delicious, but the bar was absolutely crammed with almonds. And it was a HUGE bar, weighing in at more than half a pound. I ate the whole thing in a few days and went back the next week for another one.

Valor is the right name for this bar. Valor, I salute you!

Dark chocolate Almond Joy

I found this bar in a 7-11 store in Irvine.

I don’t know what surprised me more, that a 7-11 store was located in Irvine or that Almond Joy’s came in all-chocolate version. That’s chocolate flavored coconut with almonds, all covered in dark chocolate. And it was delicious! Too bad it was a limited edition and disappeared off shelves a short while later.