More Korean chocolate

I picked up this chocolate bar in the subway in Seoul during my first trip there in 2005.

I loved the name of the bar. “To you”. Or maybe it’s “send my sweet love TO YOU”. In any case, it was pretty good milk chocolate: chocolatey and creamy and not too sweet. I wouldn’t want to eat it every day, but it was way better than I expected to find at a convenience cart in a South Korean subway station.



Well, this is going to be an embarrassing entry. I have this label, but I have no memory of the chocolate or where I got it.

My notes say I received it in November of 2005 and that it tasted terrible. That’s it. And that’s strange, because I usually write more and always include where I got it. I quick Google search shows that Varda Chocolatier is located in New Jersey, but that still doesn’t ring any bells. Oh well.

Enjoying seasonal winter chocolate

I found these chocolates at Mitsuwa.

I loved the label’s only English phrase “Enjoy the seasonal winter chocolate using only the finest chocolate”. I have no idea what winter chocolate is, outside of Everquest, but I really enjoyed these candies. Each one was a chocolate-covered macadamia nut or almond that had been rolled in cocoa. Delicious. My only complaint was that there weren’t very many of them in the box. I think this box had ten.


My friend Steve brought these candies into work, which he said he found at Mitsuwa. I have never seen these at Mitsuwa when I shop there, so I think they were limited edition or something.

These were great! Each one was an almond, coated with some cookie-like layer, and the whole thing covered in dark chocolate. Very yummy, and not quite like anything I had ever tasted before.

BTW, each one came individually wrapped.

I think Meiji redeemed itself with these candies!


I found these cookies at Mitsuwa, and I figured “hey, it’s Meiji, these will be great!”.

Blech. These little “boats” of chocolate were filled with caramel and cookie, but they were not very good. The chocolate was weak, probably low in cacao, and the caramel is way too sweet, especially for a Japanese candy. I was surprised these were from Meiji, who had made such excellent other products.


While I was in San Francisco, I walked down to the Ferry building and visited the Recchiuti chocolatier.

These truffles were AMAZING! And amazingly expensive, but oh so worth it. They literally melt in your mouth, and their chocolate flavor is rich and varied, tasting differently over time as it melts. At the risk of sounding pretentious, dare I say they have a chocolate flavor profile? Yes, I do dare.