Chocolate and miscellaneous presidents

I found a package of chocolate tablets wrapped in U.S. President labels in a candy store in Laguna Beach in 2007.

As I expected, the milk chocolate was terrible. It was bad in every way that milk chocolate can be bad. It was chalky, flavorless, waxy, salty…just awful. And I am puzzled by the selection of presidents. A few really older ones, than some later ones, than a few more modern ones. Why these? Are they the most popular? Did they like chocolate? What about Woodrow Wilson or Dwight Eisenhower? Well, I guess I should just be thankful that I didn’t get Warren G. Harding.

And this is the last of the misplaced chocolate labels! With tomorrow’s post, we will return to 2009 and continue my timeline of chocolate with no further discontinuities.


Mystery chocolate

This label was at the bottom of the bag of misplaced labels. It was dated 2007, but it had no other information.

I am willing to bet good money that this is from my friends Steve and Mariam, because they are the only people who have brought me chocolate from Leonidas. And since it’s dark chocolate from that chocolatier, I bet it was really good too!

Stupid misplaced bag.

My first Chocolove

I picked up my first Chocolove in 2007.

Look at that wrapper! The cacao percentage is prominently displayed, the word organic is repeated three times, the origin is added to look like a postmark on a stamp, and to the top it all off, there is a wax seal of some kind. Such a busy label!

I enjoyed the chocolate, and I noted that I thought it was “good”. That may have been the first and last time I liked a Chocolove bar, however. The future would hold several bitter disappointments, but like the man said, “you never forget your first (choco)love”.


My friend Larry took a trip to Italy, and he brought me back this bar.

This bar was very good, and I really liked the label. I think the artist was going for chocolate in all of its states: cocoa powder, melted chocolate, and solid chocolate. It’s almost elemental: air, water, earth. Neat.


I have mentioned before that I used to run a game company called Troika games. I closed it in 2005, but my friends Larry and Maria gave me a box of Russian chocolates with this wonderful painted cover.

These are troika carriages! They are led by three horses, none of which are the lead. In my company, our troika was design, programming and art. All are important, but none trumps the others.

The mixed chocolate collection inside was just ok, but I love this box! And it’s one of the largest labels in my collection. I had to cut it in half to add it to my scrapbook, but with a little photoshop magic, it appears here whole again.

Now if only I could photoshop my company back together…