My first Choxie

My friend Robert gave me this chocolate bar right before Thanksgiving in 2008.

This chocolate was pretty good! The dark chocolate was decent and had a good earthy flavor, and the addition of cinnamon and pepper was a good combination, making the bar very spicy. The cacao nibs made the bar crunchy and added a roasted flavor.

This was my first experience of Choxie, which is Target’s private chocolate label. I had to admit it was surprisingly good, and for the low price, it was a very good chocolate.


The chocolate patch

Someone gave me this chocolate as a joke.

I thought the box and its writing was cute, but the chocolate was very bad. It was wax-like and had hardly any flavor. If I remember correctly, the box said it was semi-sweet chocolate, but the ingredients listed milk, so I am not sure what type of chocolate it was supposed to be. Other than terrible.

Fantastic milk chocolate

My friend Mark also introduced me to this excellent milk chocolate bar.

I usually don’t think much of milk chocolate, and my experiences with it bear out that prejudice. But this Vosges milk chocolate bar was fantastic! It was very smooth and rich and not at all chalky and overly salted like many milk chocolate bars. And of course, adding almonds and caramelized hazelnuts just made me love this bar more.

Now, in my defense, this milk chocolate contains way more cacao than most milk chocolates, which often go as low as 10%. It’s really a dark chocolate bar with milk added, something Vosges calls “deep milk chocolate”. I am a fan.

Chocolate and wasabi? Yes!

My friend Mark gave me this unusual chocolate bar.

My first reaction was “chocolate and wasabi? This will be terrible! And the addition of ginger won’t help, and the bar is only 55% cacao”. Well, my reaction was misguided, because this bar was amazing! The chocolate was rich and dark and flavorful, and the taste of the wasabi and ginger was delicate and added just a little spice to the aftertaste. The sesame seeds provided a nice crunch to the mix.

Vosges, I will never doubt you again.

Bernard Castelain

I found this chocolate bar while shopping after a business meeting in downtown Seattle.

This chocolate was excellent! I don’t know what percent cacao it contained, but it must have been in my favorite 70 to 80% range, and the addition of “almond splits” (cracked almonds) made the bar even that much better. I wish I had purchased more, because I don’t see this brand very much in my area.

Chocolat Bonnat

I found this chocolate bar during a trip to Seattle.

This chocolate was excellent. It had a rich chocolate taste, it melted in my mouth, and it left a fruity aftertaste on my tongue, like berries. Exquisite. And in addition to the 75% cacao percentage, I also loved the ingredients list: cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter. That’s it. So pure. So delicious.