More birthday chocolate

Here’s a label from another chocolate bar from my birthday office extravaganza!

I love Hershey’s old fashioned wrappers. Some of the earliest labels in my collection are Hershey 100th anniversary labels. I just wish they made better chocolate. This bar was OK because of the almonds, but the chocolate was the standard low-cacao and salty Hershey milk chocolate.


French truffles from France

A friend at work was having a birthday, and she let me have some of her truffles (thanks Michele!).

These were really good truffles. They were little misshapen blobs covered in a cocoa powder, but they melted in your mouth and were delicious. I did have to laugh at the label’s proclamation “French Truffles – Imported From France”. Where else would they be from? French truffles from Albuquerque?

One pound Reese’s

Before Christmas of 2009, I found this giant, one pound package of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

That is not a one pound package of regular size cups, but a package with two cups, a half pound each. I had to buy this!

I am not a milk chocolate fan, but I have always liked Reese’s peanut butter cups. The salty milk chocolate goes well with the sweet peanut filling, and while I don’t eat them a lot, I have one now and then. These giant cups were a novelty, but I didn’t like them as much as the regular sized cups. With the bigger ones, the chocolate to peanut butter ratio seemed smaller overall, but depending on where you bit into it, you either got mostly chocolate (just around the rim) or mostly filling (the entire center). It was also very difficult to take that first bite, since they were so thick. No, I will stick to the regular sized ones, but these were fun to try!

More endangered species chocolate

My friend Seth visited in 2009, and while he was here he gave me this chocolate bar.

I had had this brand before, with wolves with an unspecified amount of cacao and a panther (at 88%), and I liked both of those. This bar, a chimpanzee at 72% cacao, was probably my favorite. It was very dark and very rich tasting, but not as bitter as the panther, and without the dried fruit of the wolves.

Wonka Tinglerz

For my birthday in August of 2009, my co-workers decided to decorate my office with candy. Lots and lots of candy.





There was candy on my desk, on my chair, on my bookcases and walls and lamp. There was even candy hanging from the ceiling. It was awesome! It looked like Willy Wonka had exploded in my office. I had wonderful co-workers. I wonder how they knew I loved candy so much?

I put most of the candy in the company kitchen for sharing, but I kept some of it to eat myself. A lot of the candy wasn’t chocolate, so those didn’t end up in my label collection. But this one did!

These candies were like pop rocks covered in chocolate, and they were actually pretty good! I could see why kids would like them too, because they made a lot of sizzling sounds in your mouth as you ate them. Fun!

Chocolate from the Disney museum

There is a museum in San Francisco that is all about Walt Disney. His family created it and stocked it full of family memorabilia, and they run the Walt Disney Family Museum, not the Walt Disney Company. I have not visited it yet, but my friend Lucy did, and she said it was wonderful. She also sent me this chocolate bar from their gift shop.

This was very good chocolate! I was surprised since I have had many bad experiences with chocolate from Disneyland itself. But this bar was tasty and deeply flavored, so I would guess the cacao percentage at about 60%. With interesting exhibits and tasty chocolate, the museum has given me two reasons to visit it!

Organic Valrhona

My friends Larry and Maria also gave me this Valrhona bar from France.

I love Valrhona chocolate, and this bar was no exception. The chocolate was very dark and had a deep cacao flavor, but it wasn’t bitter at all. In fact, it tasted almost fruity, but there was no fruit listed on the label. I ate some of this bar, and then I made some almond bark with the rest, and it was delicious.