Trader Joe’s Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at Trader Joe’s a few days before Christmas 2010.


This chocolate was excellent! It had a dark roasted flavor with a hint of some kind of spiciness, but there was no spice added. That taste came entirely from its single origin, not just single country origin, but single province origin. This was my first chocolate from New Guinea, and this bar was made of cacao beans collected entirely in Papua, an province on the western half of New Guinea.


Dagoba Conacado

After yesterday’s Dagoba disaster, I didn’t have high hopes for this bar.


This bar was delicious! I don’t know if it was the 73% cacao or the fact that it’s a single origin bar (from the Dominican Republic), but this bar had a deep rich chocolate flavor that was extremely tasty. And while this was not the first Dagoba bar that I have liked, most of them have been terrible, so I am still suspicious about this brand.

Dagoba Roseberry

I saw this bar at my local candy store and wanted to try it because of the unusual addition of rosehips.


Blech! I couldn’t taste the rosehips at all, and the raspberries were flavorless too, but I knew they were there because the bar was full of seeds. On top of that, the chocolate was mediocre and bland. I have had bad Dagoba experiences before. I should just avoid this brand.

Lindt Swiss Classic

I don’t remember where I picked up this Lindt bar (probably the grocery store).


My label for this one reads “ah Lindt…this bar was perfect”. And it was. Their fantastic bittersweet chocolate was mixed with chopped hazelnuts to make the perfect bar. If I was trapped on a desert island with only one chocolate bar, I’d want it to be this one.

Trader Joe’s São Thomé Dark Chocolate

I found this unassuming little bar tucked away above the frozen foods at Trader Joe’s, shortly before Christmas 2010.


This single-origin bar was delicious! With a very rich flavor and not too sweet, it was just the way I like my chocolate. And this was my first chocolate ever from the island country of São Tomé and Príncipe, which has a population of fewer than 200,000 people, making it the second-smallest African country. Based on this bar, I hope to try more chocolate from there!

Laguna Beach Sweet Cherry Chocolate

Matt K. brought this local bar to a chocolate eating meeting.


Despite the label saying this bar contained white, milk and dark chocolate, it looked and tasted exactly like milk chocolate, and a surprisingly good milk chocolate at that. The cherries were good too and went well with the chocolate. No one at the chocolate eating meeting was more shocked than I was that I liked a milk chocolate bar with dried cherries in it!

Trader Joe’s The Art Of Chocolate

I found this box of chocolates at Trader Joe’s right before Christmas 2010.


This was a very good assortment of chocolates, even the white and milk ones were good. Of course, the two dark ones were my favorite. All of these little guys had some sort of filling inside them, most were chocolate or nut flavored. I went to get another box after Christmas and they were gone, so I guess this was a one-time special.