SunSpire Peppermint Pattie

Robert and I spied this candy bar at our local organic grocery store, and remembering how good the SunSpire Coconut bar was, I decided I had to have it.


This bar was fantastic! It was like a high-quality York peppermint patty, but smaller in radius and much thicker. The peppermint flavor was brighter and cleaner, too. And it went great with the dark chocolate coating!


Dark chocolate Canadian KitKat

My friend Mike H. gave me several of these dark chocolate KitKat bars right before Christmas 2013.


Yum! These were absolutely delicious! Like the Japanese dark KitKat bars, they left me wondering why the milk chocolate ones are even made. Why eat those when these better ones exist?

Cocoabella Mint Lentils

Right before Christmas 2013, Valve sent Obsidian a package of various chocolates. Most of them were gone by the time I got back from lunch, but I managed to get some of these candies.


These were delicious mint chocolate candies. They looked like M&M’s, but the chocolate quality was much better, and the mint flavor was subtle and went very well with the chocolate.

Thanks Valve!

Kollar Chocolates

My friend Tiff C. took a trip to the vineyards in the Napa Valley, and she brought me back these truffles.


These were good, somewhat basic dark chocolate truffles sprinkled with sea salt. Based on the card inside, Kollar wasn’t the name of the vineyard but the name of the chocolatier.


So there’s the info if you want to get some for yourself!

Jcoco Black Fig Pistachio In Dark Chocolate

I saw this unusual candy bar at the candy store in San Clemente and knew I had to have it.


I opened the package to discover three individually wrapped bars, each with its own trippy 60’s-style wrapper.




Not only were these wrappers awesome, the chocolate inside was very good too. The dried fig and roasted pistachios went very well with the dark chocolate. And yet another surprise was inside the flap of the wrapper!


So not only was this chocolate very tasty and the wrapper super hip, but the company donates back to the community with every purchase! I think this was the best thing I bought at that San Clemente candy store.