barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed With Sea Salt

I found these at my local Target store.

I had had their peanut THINS recently, and I didn’t think these would be much better, but they were great! They had a nice crunch, very crispy without being as hard as the almond ones. And the pumpkin seeds are roasted with a very nice flavor that went well with the chocolate. Of all of the recent barkTHINS, this is the one I’d buy again.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Lemon Poppy Seed

My co-worker Matt S. gave me another Endangered Species bar that I had not tried before.

Like their blackberry sage bar, this one really surprised me. It was very good, with a nice balance between the dark chocolate and lemon poppy seeds, which also had a nice crunch. Sure, you ended up with poppy seeds between your teeth, but that was a small price to pay for good chocolate. My co-workers seemed fond of this bar too.

As usual, there was a nice inner label filled with information about leopards.

Thanks Matt.

Marou 78% Dark Chocolate

Our director Allen M. brought a second Vietnamese single origin bar to the office.

This was the companion bar to the 74% cacao bar from Vietnam. Surprisingly, with just a 4% cacao difference, it tasted very different than the other bar. It was deep and earthy, like a Peruvian bar. I am guessing that its cacao, while still from Vietnam, had a different local source. Still, it was very good and a nice complement to the 74% bar.

Thanks Allen!

Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec

My co-worker Maria V. gave me this chocolate tablet that she got on a trip.

When I saw spicy and read that there was hot pepper in this chocolate, I was nervous. I do not always do well with hot spicy food. But this tablet was really good! Yes,there was some heat, but there was also cinnamon and roasted pumpkin seeds, and those flavors, as well as the chocolate, came through very well. I would have guessed the chocolate as much darker than 57% cacao. It tasted like 70-75% cacao, and it looked that dark too.

Thanks Maria!

Kiva Dark Chocolate

In an effort to make sure this blog covers every chocolate bar available, I present the first bar I have tried in the Kiva line of medical cannabis chocolate (and yes, I have a prescription for it).

This bar was surprisingly good. I expected a pronounced earthy flavor from the cannabis, but it was barely there at all, and it complemented the chocolate quite well. It reminded me of single-origin Peruvian bars and their earthy flavor. I would guess this is a 55-65% cacao bar. It wasn’t exceptionally dark, but it did have a strong chocolate flavor.

As for the THC, I didn’t care for it much. Even from a quarter of the bar (15mg THC), the high was quite harsh. I got a bar mixed CBD-THC bar which I expect will be better (and it has espresso beans in it!).