Green & Black’s Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought this bar in for us to try.

I have had Green & Black bars before, and they are usually pretty good, and this one was no exception. It was nice dark chocolate bar, flavored with caramel and salt. I say it was flavored with caramel, because unlike yesterday’s bar, where the caramel oozed out when I broke the bar into pieces, this bar was solid all the way through. The caramel was mixed with the chocolate and not a separate thing, so it was much easier to eat and much easier to clean up afterwards.

Thanks Dini!

Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch Mint

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this new Hershey bar.

This was a fantastic bar! Inside the package were three smaller bars, each scored to break up into three pieces, so the whole bar was nice pieces. Each piece was a chocolate cookie topped with mint creme and covered in dark chocolate. They were so good! They tasted like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie, covered in Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate. I loved it, and so did my co-workers. Eight people showed up to the chocolate eating meeting, so after everyone ate one, I encouraged Dini to eat the last one as her reward for finding such an awesome bar.

Thanks Dini!

Vegan Coffee Chocolate

My producer Shana B. gave me these vegan coffee chocolates that she bought in a coffee shop in Seattle.

These were very unusual, coming in all sorts of shapes. The coffee flavor was very subtle, so subtle I am not sure if I would have noticed if I wasn’t told they were coffee flavored. Since these were marked vegan, they cannot be milk chocolate, so I assumed they were dark. There was a sweet aftertaste, almost artificial, that reminded me of aspartame, but my co-workers thought they tasted like raisins. I didn’t taste that at all. All in all, these chocolates caused a great deal of discussion.

Thanks Shana!


Club 33 Truffles

My friend Lucy also gave me some truffles from Club 33.

Each box held three truffles: a dark chocolate ganache, an orange citrus, and a milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Of course, I liked the dark chocolate one the best, but the hazelnut one was surprisingly chocolatey too, despite being covered in milk chocolate. And that orange one was crazily strong, like it was the distilled essence of orangeness. I think it cured me of scurvy for life!

Thanks Lucy!

Kauai 72% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. gave me this thick five ounce chocolate bar from a trip he took to Hawaii.

Inside was a thick square of dark chocolate, with the island of Kauai stamped on it.

The chocolate was…OK. It was very sweet and not as chocolatey as I would expect from a 72% cacao bar. It tasted more like 50-55%, but that is still good for dark chocolate. My co-workers liked it, and many of them took a second piece.

Thanks Charlie!