Cadbury Old Gold Original Dark Chocolate

I saw this bar in a grocery store in Sydney, and I remembered how much I loved the almond version, so I got this to compare.

This bar was good, but I liked the almond bar better. At 45% cacao, this bar is dark but not very, and the chocolate on its own is just OK. But cover it in almonds and wow, super yummy. Do yourself a favor, skip this bar and try the almond one!

Lotte Choco Pie

My co-worker Charlie S. brought these into work while I was out of the office, but he saved me a couple to try.

They come in individually wrapped pies.

These are two soft chocolate wafers with marshmallow creme between them, and the whole thing is covered in dark chocolate. I liked these. I realized I had had them before, in a box that another co-worker brought from South Korea. These are just as good!

Thanks Charlie!

Cacao Prieto Dominican Cacao 72% Dark Chocolate With Brined Almonds And Salt

I found this bar in Seattle, right next to the same brand’s orchid bar.

There was a wonderful story on the back about how the chocolate maker’s great-grandfather started the business, back in the Dominican Republic. The story is very sweet, and it made me realize that this bar is not just single origin by country or county, but it is a bar from a single farm!

There was also a cute postcard included with the bar.

The back of the postcard explains that it is the chocolate maker’s parents, riding a bike on the Coney Island boardwalk.

So after all of these touching stories, how was the chocolate? Really good! Very chocolatey, with an unusual aftertaste. Unlike with the orchid bar, I couldn’t taste any floral notes at all. It was a little bit of a citrus note, or perhaps a touch of vinegar. Maybe the brined almonds contributed to that, but I ate one alone and it just tasted salty. My co-workers couldn’t identify it either, but they really liked this bar, going for seconds and sometimes thirds (it was a big bar at over four ounces). I think they liked it better than the orchid bar!

Cacao Prieto Criollo Dominican Cacao 72% Dark Orchid Bar

I found this unusual bar at the high end grocery DeLaurenti in Pike Market in Seattle.

Not only was this bar a single origin Dominican Republic bar, but it was also infused with orchid oil! This oil gave the rich chocolate an unusual floral finish which I loved, but one of my co-workers thought it tasted “like the smell of cat litter”. I don’t think she liked it as much as I did.

Zokoko Guadalcanal

I found this fancy chocolate in a high end grocery store in Pike Market in Seattle.

This bar was delicious. It was very rich and creamy, surprisingly so for 78% cacao. My co-workers liked it too, and we discussed the aftertaste, which wasn’t fruity at all. I thought the finish tasted like the smell of cocoa. Like me, many of my co-workers were impressed with the  bar’s box, which was thick dark cardboard that closed shut with a magnet. I think I will keep the box, in fact. I want something to remind myself of this seventeen dollar bar.

This is my first ever chocolate from the Solomon Islands (sourced there and made in Australia), and now I want to try more! And I want to try others from this brand. I guess I am going back to Seattle!

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint Slices

Hot on the heels of my discovery of Baskin Robbins Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream in my grocer’s freezer, I found these amazing treats.

Now if you want to find a way to make me even fatter than I am now, just find some food I like and make it easier and faster for me to eat it. I think that it what Ben & Jerry did here. They took my favorite flavor of their ice cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and wrapped it in a dark chocolate coating, making it trivial for me to remove from the freezer and stuff in my mouth. Who needs scoops, spoons and bowls anymore?! BRING IT ON!

Indi Ecuador Heirloom Chocolate

Robert took me to visit a new chocolatier, Indi, hidden in the back of Pike Market. It was a small place, but the owners were there and explained everything about their chocolate making. They roasted and conched the beans themselves, and every bar is single origin and 72% cacao. I tried this one first.

OMG! This chocolate was fantastic! It was creamy smooth and super rich tasting, far more deeply chocolatey than 72% cacao. I would have guessed 85%, easily. And it had a wonderful earthy singular note that I found absolutely wonderful. This bar is easily the best chocolate I have had in 2017, and it’s probably in my top 5 of all time and certainly in my top 10.

I wanted to go get another one immediately, but Robert reminded me that I had bought two others, from different countries. Expect those reviews soon.