Chocolate Cake Twinkies

My co-worker Charlie S. brought these snacks in for our daily chocolate eating meeting. They are “New!”, as you can see.

These weren’t bad. I mean, they are not going to win any baking contests, but as a little snack, they were nice, kind of like a Ho-Ho or Ding-Dong without a chocolate coating. And speaking of coating, they did leave a little something on the roof of your mouth, but a little hot coffee washed that right away.

Fun fact: these snacks had an expiration date of about five weeks, so don’t let anyone tell you Twinkies don’t expire!

Thanks Charlie!


Magnum Infinity Chocolate

Occasionally, I will review ice cream on this blog. I tend to reserve it for special occasions, like my favorite Baskin Robbins flavor being available in the supermarket, or my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor being offered in easy-to-grab-and-eat chocolate-covered slices.

This weekend I was shopping at the grocery store and beheld this majestic package.

These “Infinity Chocolate” bars are dark chocolate ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl throughout it, all dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cacao nibs.

Oh. My. God.

I bought these and sped home with them. I would have eaten one right away, but it was 8 o’clock in the morning, and even I have my limits. So I ate lunch early, around 11 a.m., and then I had one for dessert.

Oh. My. God.

These are delicious! The chocolate shell and nibs are super chocolatey, so the ice cream inside tastes less chocolatey in comparison. So I tried a bite with just the ice cream, and it is good all on its own. I found myself eyeing the other two bars in the package. I don’t know how long they will last. I know they will not see the sun rise on Monday.

Needless to say, I highly recommend these ice cream bars.

Alcove Fleur De Del

I tried another Alcove bar that my sister-in-law Brittney L. gave me.

This bar looked very dark, and according to the company’s web page, it is 64% cacao, but it tasted a lot lighter than that. I guessed 50% cacao, and my co-workers guessed 45 to 55%, so we were all clustered around a much lower number. Still, the bar was quite tasty, and the saltiness enhanced the flavor a bit.

Thanks Brittney!

Zotter Heinrich Red Wine “Zalzberg Beerenauslese”

This is the last Zotter bar from my friend Tom D.

While I love a good bitter chocolate (in this case 70% cacao), I am not fond of raisins in my chocolate, and I am not a wine lover. However, this bar was quite pleasant. You can really taste the wine and the raisins, but they pair well with the chocolate. Want proof? I ate a second piece, and so did several of my co-workers.

Thanks Tom!

Zotter Typically Austria

My friend Tom D. sent me this interesting Austrian chocolate bar.

Wow, this bar was delicious! The poppy cream, walnut and cinnamon was all mixed together into a soft and deeply flavored nougat, which was covered with the darkest milk chocolate I have ever seen or tasted (the label said it was 50% cacao, but it seemed darker). The chocolate and the nougat paired wonderfully, and the walnut and cinnamon flavors were distinct, yet they didn’t overwhelm the chocolate flavor. This bar is definitely my favorite milk chocolate bar this year and my favorite Zotter bar, and it possibly might be my favorite milk chocolate bar ever.

Thanks Tom!

Death Valley Dark Chocolate Wine Bar Cabernet

My friend Lucy H. sent me this bar that she picked up in Death Valley recently.

Lucy has sent me two Death Valley bars already, a dark chocolate sea salt bar and a milk chocolate prickly pear bar, and both of those were really good. This one was good, but it was not in their league. While it was labeled as dark chocolate, it looked and tasted like milk chocolate, and milk was listed in the ingredients, so I think this bar was mislabeled. Still, it wasn’t bad milk chocolate, and the wine flavor added a nice almost floral note to the chocolate. My co-workers liked it too.

Thanks Lucy!

Mānoa Chocolate Hawaiian Honey

My co-worker Nicole E. gave me another bar from Hawaii, also from the Mānoa Chocolate company.

This bar held three surprises. First, it was a LOT sweeter than I expected for a 75% cacao bar. I think that was because the honey was added in addition to sugar, so the bar was extra-sweetened. Second, the bar was not soft or gooey in any way, so somehow they incorporated the honey without softening the bar. And third, while the bar had a good chocolate flavor, the aftertaste was pure honey with a strong floral note. All in all, a very unusual bar.

Thanks Nicole!