Taza 70% Dark Chocolate Mexicano

My co-worker Cathy N. brought this chocolate for an eating meeting at the office.

This chocolate had only two ingredients, organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar. It was very good. There were two chocolate pucks, and each one was nice and dark, if a bit gritty from the crystallized sugar. I have had a Taza Mexican chocolate puck before, one with chipotle chili, but I liked this one better. It was pure, unadulterated chocolate goodness.

Thanks Cathy!


Sugarfina Candy Bento Box

My sister-in-law gave me this wonderful candy bento box for Christmas.

Inside were eight sealed clear boxes filled with different flavored chocolate truffles.

Clockwise from the upper left, there were: Apollo Kumquat, Athena Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Golden Truffle Eggs, Brown Butter Brittle, Chocolate Bacon Pretzels, Maple Bourbon Caramels, and Fuji Apple Caramels. They were all really good, and I was partial to the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels of course, but the Chocolate Bacon Pretzels were great too, as were the Fuji Apple Caramels, which tasted like caramel apples I ate as a child. Overall, this was an amazing set of truffles, both in presentation and in taste.

Theo Gingerbread Spice

My producer Shana B. gave me this Theo bar before Christmas.

This bar was very good! The milk chocolate was “dark” milk chocolate, at a rich and tasty 45% cacao, and the spices were ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, very similar to my pumpkin muffins. I even liked this bar better than Theo’s dark chocolate ginger bar, which is saying a lot. The only way this bar could be better would be if they made it with dark chocolate.

Thanks Shana!

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Maple Caramel

Near the start of 2018, I had the final Lake Champlain bar given to me by my co-worker Chris J.

This bar was very good. The chocolate seemed much darker and richer than 54% cacao, and the caramel was very soft with a light maple flavor. My piece had a surprising amount of sugar crystals in it, giving the caramel some crunch. I guess I expected maple-based caramel to be smoother. My co-workers liked it, though, and some wished the maple flavor was even stronger.

Thanks Chris!

Seattle Chocolates Pike Place Espresso, Redux

My producer Shana B. brought me this chocolate from Seattle to try.

It turns out that I had had this bar about three years ago, but it was all dried out and past its prime, while this bar was new and fresh and delicious. Only three people showed up for the chocolate eating meeting (the first one for 2018), so I broke the bar into eight pieces and we all had two. No one complained.

Thanks Shana!

Target Gourmet Truffles

My sister-in-law stuffed my Christmas stocking with these truffles. The label said they were “for pairing with wine”, but wine gives me migraines, so I had them with a fancy kiwi-watermelon seltzer water.

These truffles were really good. There were four differently flavored ganache fillings, and the chocolate coating was nice and dark and also flavored. My favorite was the espresso, because coffee and chocolate go so well, but the caramel one was really good too, as was the lemon. The raspberry pomegranate ganache was a bit too sweet for my tastes, but the flavored chocolate shell was yummy.

All in all, a very good set of truffles, and the first chocolate I ate in 2018!

Rinse Chocolate Soap

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this three-pack of chocolate soaps.

Inside were three different bars: chocolate, raspberry drizzle and fudge brownie.

They smelled amazing…so chocolatey! I wanted to taste one…and I did. Very soapy. Then I saw on the back label that they warned about doing just that!

I left town for Christmas, but as soon as I returned, I tried one of these bars (the fudge brownie one, of course), and it lathered up really well and smelled even better than when it was dry. I swear it smelled just like a brownie, even down to being a little nutty (maybe that was the almond oil). Now I cannot wait to try them all!

Thanks Dini!