Faith & Flower Mignardises

In mid-June, I drove up to Los Angeles to meet with a publisher for a new game I am working on, and they took me to dinner at Faith & Flower, a contemporary cuisine restaurant in the South Park district. Dinner was delicious, but I am here to tell you about my dessert.


I had a mignardises platter, which was filled with little pastries and sweets. This one contained a chocolate filled rolled wafer, a chocolate disk leaning on a marshmallow, two dark chocolate truffles, a raspberry truffle, two mini madeleines, a white chocolate macaron, two dark chocolate covered honeycomb brittle, a caramel truffle, a sugared fruit gel, some biscotti, a chocolate key, and another marshmallow. I ate about a third of the plate and shared the rest, but wow, this plate was good.

Let’s take some close up looks.


Counter-clockwise from top left, this is the chocolate disk, the mini madeleine, the macaron, the dark chocolate honeycomb, the raspberry truffle and the dark chocolate truffle. That dark chocolate truffle was fantastic, but so was the honeycomb, and I tried some of that disk, which was very good too.


Here we see the macaron again, another madeleine, the caramel truffle, another honeycomb, another dark truffle, the biscotti and key, and finally the sugared fruit gel. That caramel truffle was amazing, looking like an agate marble but containing the softest caramel you have every tasted. It was almost liquid! And that key! It was chocolate with some kind of gold spice powder on it, so delicious! I tried the fruit gel too, just to eat something non-chocolate. It was good, raspberry I think, but I didn’t focus much on it. There was just so much else to taste!

I thanked my hosts for the fantastic meal. While the appetizers and entrees were very good, this mignardises plate was the star of the meal, and it was certainly a dessert I won’t soon forget.


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