Chugach Espresso Beans Dark Chocolate

We ate the last Alaskan bar from Sissie C’s trip there.

This bar was very good. The ground espresso beans sprinkled liberally throughout the bar made the dark chocolate taste even darker. I am not sure what part of this bar was Alaskan (certainly not the chocolate or the coffee, other than it being locally roasted), but I don’t care. It was yummy.

Thanks Sissie!


Chugach Alaskan Birch Syrup Toffee Dark Chocolate

We ate another Chugach bar from my friend Sissie C’s trip to Alaska.

This bar was very good! The chocolate was nice and rich, and the toffee was buttery and salty, and much softer than I expected. It was less a crunch than a chew, but it didn’t stick to my teeth. If this is a good example of what birch syrup toffee is like, then I like it!

Thanks Sissie!

Holland America Milk Chocolate

This was the other chocolate tablet that my friend Sissie C. found in her stateroom on the cruise ship to Alaska.

This was the same chocolate as The Queen Mary Milk Chocolate, and I could tell. It tasted like Easter Bunny chocolate…that thick, pasty chocolate that is used to make Easter chocolate, Hershey bars, or Whitman’s Samplers. It’s chocolate you need to eat with a glass of milk.

Thanks Sissie!

Holland America Dark Chocolate

My friend Sissie C. brought this chocolate back from her Alaskan cruise. She found it in her stateroom aboard the cruise ship.

This tablet was a fairly sweet dark chocolate. It wasn’t bad, it was just…plain. No notes or finishing aftertastes in this chocolate. It reminded me of the taste of chocolate baking chips. In fact, after digging around, it turns out this chocolate was made by Astor Chocolate in New York, the same company that made The Queen Mary Dark Chocolate we tried a few weeks ago. This tablet tasted just like that bar!

Thanks Sissie!

Chugach Prince William Sound Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

The next Alaskan chocolate from Sissie C. was this salty bar.

This bar was the most purely chocolate one of the Chugach bunch so far. It was a dark chocolate bar sprinkled with coarse crystals of sea salt (made from sea water from Prince William Sound, supposedly). It was deep and delicious, and several co-workers said it was their favorite one so far.

Thanks Sissie!

Lotte Almond Chocolate

I went back to Mitsuwa to get the non-crisp version of Lotte chocolate almonds.

These were definitely milk chocolate, even though they look dark on the label. The ingredients listed milk powder, and the almonds inside the package were covered in a lighter chocolate. But they were still quite good, and a tasty way to finish a meal of sushi and onigiri, which Mitsuwa also sells (and they are delicious).

Vila Rosa 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Olivia V. brought me a chocolate from a chocolatier in Brazil.

Olivia gave me a small block of 100% cacao dark chocolate.

Wow! This chocolate was the smoothest and creamiest 100% cacao I have ever tasted! It reminded me of Schokolake 100% Dark Chocolate Ecuador, but without the singular note and much creamier too. Quite delicious! If all 100% cacao was like this, I would give up sugar entirely!

Thank you Olivia!