Dylan’s Oh Deer Candy Bar

My co-worker Dini M. brought in this unusual candy bar.

This was a milk chocolate bar with bits of crunchy bread crumbs and maple syrup, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t taste like french toast (and smell like it too)! On the plus side, the milk chocolate was very good quality and the maple flavor was quite good, but on the minus side, it was milk chocolate, and the maple syrup made this bar very sweet. I can see why it is called a candy bar and not a chocolate bar.

Dini brought in another bar of this brand for us to try tomorrow!

Thanks Dini!


Jcoco Boharat

My producer Shana B. brought this Jcoco chocolate bar to the office for us to try.

I have had this brand before. This particular bar was interesting and polarizing. Half of the chocolate eating meeting people, including me, loved it, thinking it tasted like a wonderful mix of spices and chocolate. Because of the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, it reminded me of my chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. But the other half of the group was not happy with it, describing it as “chocolate covered tikka masala” with a taste that “lingered”. Oh well, to each his own. I loved it!

Thanks Shana!

Colombin Premium Hallabong Chocolate

My co-worker Dan H. gave me this South Korean dark chocolate to try.

I thought I had had this before, but I have had milk chocolate hallabong chocolate, and this one was dark chocolate. It had the same shape, the “stone grandfather”, but there was no seam. The dark chocolate totally encased the orange cream interior. It was very good, but the orange flavor was so strong that it overpowered the chocolate, which was unfortunate. But it was still WAY better than a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Thanks Dan!

El Palacio De Chocolate Pedos De Monja

My co-worker Anthony R. shared this unusual confection with me.

These “Nun Farts” (hey, that’s the translation of “Pedos De Monja”, check for yourself!) were basically milk chocolate truffles. On the one hand, they were not too sweet, which was nice. On the other hand, they were not very chocolatey, which was not nice. But at least now I can say that I have tasted a nun fart.

Thanks Anthony!

omNom Milk Chocolate With Drunk Raisins and Coffee

Nina H., an artist here at the office, gave me this omNom milk chocolate bar.

I am used to omNom dark chocolate, so this was different. The milk chocolate had a deep cacao taste boosted with the coffee flavor, so that was good. The drunk raisins were unusual. I tasted no rum, but they did have some good amount of cinnamon and vanilla on them. All in all, a good bar!

PB&J Brooklyn Born Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in another Brooklyn Born Chocolate bar.

This was an interesting bar. There was a thick layer of crunchy peanut praline (crunchy because of toasted rice, not because of the peanuts, which were blended to an even smoothness) and a thick layer of raspberry pate (or jam, for a better description), and the whole thing was covered in an infinitesimal layer of dark chocolate. The raspberry flavor was overpowering. I could taste a little peanut, but no chocolate at all. Still, it was quite tasty. I liked this bar as a candy bar, just not as a chocolate bar.

Thanks Charlie!

Whitman’s Sampler

Someone left a Whitman’s Sampler of assorted chocolates on the give-away counter at work.

Wow, I had not seen one of these boxes in decades. My mother used to buy one every Christmas, but with five kids, it didn’t last long.

I looked inside to see what remained.

About half of the chocolates were still there, but I had no idea what any of them were. Luckily there was a guide printed on the lid.

I grabbed the cashew cluster on the bottom left, as it was one of the few dark chocolate options available. It was pretty good, being 3-4 cashew halves covered in dark chocolate. That would be hard to mess up as long as you used a halfway decent dark chocolate, and it seems like they did.

Thanks, mysterious chocolate leaver!