Zotter BitterClassic Mousse

I found this bar at a high end grocery in Pike Market in Seattle.

The inside of the label explained its story.

So this was an 80% cacao dark chocolate shell around a bar-shaped block of mousse, itself made of dark chocolate and butter. And wow, it was SO GOOD!!!!! It cut like butter into blocks, and I shared it with my co-workers, and we all agreed it was fantastic. The mousse melted like…well…butter, and the dark shell was nicely bitter and astringent. I loved it and ate three pieces. Plus, I have a secret…

I bought their Chocolate Mint bar too. I am going to eat that tomorrow!

Whittaker’s Dark Almond

I bought this bar in a grocery story in downtown Sydney last month.

I had two great Whittaker’s bars last year, a dark chocolate bar and a dark chocolate peanut bar. Both were really good and very inexpensive, and this bar was no exception. It was almost half a pound of dark 62% cacao chocolate, and it was absolutely jam-packed with roasted almonds. I shared it at work, and people loved it, taking thirds and fourths because there was so much.

I swear, for a cheap brand that you can get at grocery stores, I think Whittaker’s is pretty fantastic.

Compartés California Dreaming

I found this bar at a high end grocery in Pike Market in Seattle and fell in love with the cover immediately.

I realized that this brand Compartés was my arch-enemy, after the whole dreaded dark-white chocolate bait & switch from six months ago, but that cover made me buy it. Besides, how bad could a dark chocolate and brownie bar be? And guess what? It was pretty good. Not great. But a decent dark chocolate with little chunks of brownie. It reminded me of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, which I have also been eating lately. Still, I’d rather eat the ice cream, and I’d certainly rather give B&J my money.

I never forget, Compartés. And about white chocolate, I never forgive.

These Are The Chocolates You Are Looking For

My co-worker Dini M. found more Star Wars chocolate at Disneyland this week.

These were really yummy, for milk chocolate. They had soft centers and rice krispies inside, and I really liked them. Plus, each one was stamped with the likeness of BB-8.

I have also had Disney’s two dark chocolate Star Wars candies, the Sea Salt and the Caramel, also both gifts from Dini. These chocolates were amazing, and I think Disney is really upping their chocolate game lately.

Thanks Dini!

Dandelion 70% Maya Mountain Belize Chocolate

I found this fancy bar at a high end grocery store in Pike Market in Seattle.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I was excited about this fancy bar. How fancy was the bar? It was sourced directly by Greg. Yes…Greg! Maybe one day I will meet this Greg.

But seriously, it only contains two ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar. How pure is that? And it tasted delicious. I couldn’t quite place the aftertaste, but it was strong. My co-workers thought it was citrus, but I thought it was more metallic. It certainly did not taste of honey, caramel, strawberries or cream like the label says. But it was good.

I will have to find more Dandelion chocolate.

Indi Nicaragua Chocolate

I got this bar at the Indi chocolatier in Pike Market in Seattle.

Like their Ecuador Heirloom bar, this bar was also 72% cacao. And it tasted like it, with a deep rich chocolate flavor. However, I didn’t taste much of a singular note like the Ecuador bar, or the two Friisholm bars that came from Nicaragua. I mean, it was still great chocolate, but it didn’t taste like a single origin bar, and the Ecuador bar was so much richer. Still, I have one more bar to try from this chocolate maker, and my hopes are high.

Cadbury Old Gold Original Dark Chocolate

I saw this bar in a grocery store in Sydney, and I remembered how much I loved the almond version, so I got this to compare.

This bar was good, but I liked the almond bar better. At 45% cacao, this bar is dark but not very, and the chocolate on its own is just OK. But cover it in almonds and wow, super yummy. Do yourself a favor, skip this bar and try the almond one!