Intrigue Guajillo Chilio, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Chocolate

I tried another Intrigue chocolate with my co-workers.

Wow, that is a lot of ingredients! I was worried the chili would be too hot, but it was fairly mild, and I couldn’t taste the hibiscus at all. But the cinnamon and vanilla were pretty strong, and like the Intrigue juniper and lime bar, I couldn’t really taste the chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this bar, and so did my co-workers. In fact, several of us had seconds. But I am always a little sad when the added flavors to a chocolate bar mask the taste of the chocolate. I would have toned them down a little.


Sugarfina Tequila Cordials

My producer Shana B. brought me this box of cordials from Sugarfina!

My sister-in-law had given me a box of Sugarfina chocolates for Christmas, and they were great. This box was a whole new flavor, and I expected great things from it. And I was not disappointed. The box contained over a dozen cordials, and each one had a thick dark chocolate coating surrounding a crunchy, gooey, sugary center infused with tequila. I loved them and ate four, and I shared them with Shana and the rest of my co-workers in a meeting about my latest game. Chocolate AND game development…now that’s fun!

Thanks Shana!

ExtraMile Milk Chocolate Sweet Salted Caramel Center

At the same gas station that I found yesterday’s dark mint bar, I found this milk chocolate caramel bar.

While it was a pretty standard milk chocolate, this bar was good enough that I actually ate two pieces (and then I gave the rest to Robert, who loved it). The bar was ten pieces, each one with a soft, salty caramel center. It was better than 80% of the milk chocolate that I have eaten, and for a one-dollar gas station bar, that’s pretty incredible.

ExtraMile Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch

I found this bar in a gas station in Bellevue, Washington.

Wow, this bar was WAY better than any one-dollar gas station chocolate bar has any right to be. Not only was it nicely dark and chocolatey, it was filled with mint cookie crumbles, making it taste almost exactly like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. For a buck, I wish I had bought more of these!

Intrigue Juniper Berry & Black Lime Chocolate

I tried another Intrigue bar up in Seattle while visiting Robert.


This bar was good, but unlike the last two, the additional flavorings completely masked the chocolate flavor. When I took a bite of the bar, the unique taste of juniper berry dominated, with its pine-citrus flavor (if you like gin, you know this flavor). Then as I chewed more, the juniper gave way to the taste of the lime, and this flavor was even stronger. I am NOT saying I didn’t like these flavors, but they overwhelmed the chocolate flavor, so what was the point of using fantastic chocolate if its flavor is going to be covered up?! I liked the previous two bars precisely because their flavors complemented the chocolate without overwhelming it. The same is not true of this bar.

I’m still going to try a few more.

Intrigue Jasmine Green Tea, Turkish Bay Leaf & Lemon Chocolate

I continued eating Intrigue chocolate with this chock-full-of-flavors bar.

I really liked this bar. The green tea and lemon flavors paired well with the chocolate and with each other, and none of the flavors were so strong that they overpowered the others. I will admit I couldn’t really taste the bay leaf (Robert said he could…barely), but that was OK, because the bar was wonderful as it was.

I am loving these Intrigue bars. They have unusual flavor combinations, but none of them mask the chocolate taste. I can’t wait to try more!

Intrigue Hops & Clover Honey Chocolate

In addition to the truffle bites, I bought several dark chocolate bars at Intrigue Chocolate Company in Seattle, and I ate them starting with this one.

This unusual bar was sweetened with honey and also contained hops, which are normally used to make beer. The bar was very smooth and chocolatey, and it had a light honey taste, but I am not sure I could taste the hops. There was slight tang after swallowing a bite of chocolate, so maybe that was the hops. But that didn’t distract me from how good the chocolate was.

The back of the label held a surprise.

This bar had a serial number of 000004. This was the fourth bar they made in this series! How cool is that?!

I bought a half a dozen of these bars, so expect more reviews soon!